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Nikon Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescent Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescent Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescent Microscope

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 18578

The Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Research Microscope is Nikons entry level research microscope with the basic model offering two built-in imaging ports that can be dedicated to specific tasks. This microscope is an excellent starting building block for many research applications. The Eclipse Ti-S uses Nikon’s world-famous CFI60 optical system and a wide choice of objectives for bright field, dark field, fluorescence, phase contrast, DIC and modulation contrast microscopy techniques.


  • Ti-S: 2 ports
  • Eyepiece: 100%, eyepieve 20%/left 80%
  • Eyepiece: 100%, left 100%
  • Stroke (manual): up 8mm, down 3mm
  • Coarse stroke: 5.0 mm/rotation
  • Fine Stroke: 0.1 mm/rotation
  • Minimum Fine Reading: 1 um
  • Eyepiece Lens: CFI 10x/22
  • Objective(s): Nikon Plan Fluor 20x/0.50 DIC N2
  • Weight: 29.6 kg
  • Epi-fl Set: 33.4 kg
  • Illumination Pillar: TI-DS Diascopic Illumination Pillar 30W, TI-DH Diascopic Illumination Pillar 100W
  • TI-S-ER Motorized Stage with Encoders, TI-S-E Motorized Stage—Cross travel: X110 × Y75 mm, Size: W400 × D300 mm (except extrusions)
  • TI-SR Rectangular Mechanical Stage, TI-SR/F Rectangular Stage with front positioned knob, TI-SSR Short-handle Rectangular Stage-Cross travel: X70 x Y50mm, Size: W310 x D300mm
  • TI-SP Plain Stage—Size: W260 x D300 mm
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