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Used Lab Equipment

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Persee T10DCS *NEW* Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Reader

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Persee T10DCS *NEW* Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Reader

Persee T10DCS *NEW* Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Reader

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 21351


The T9/T10DCS Spectrophotometer incorporates dual monochromator technology making it well suited to even the most demanding of applications in all areas of UV-Visible Spectroscopy. The optical design of both the T9DCS and T10DCS offer extremely low stray light characteristics (≤0.00004%T NaI,220 nm) which allows for an extensive photometric range (-8.0 – 8.0Abs). Measurements at deep ultra-violet wavelengths can also be achieved with use of Nitrogen purged optics. The instrument can be optically configured to suit the needs of the sample by means of a continually adjustable slit for precise control of spectral resolution and beam size adjustment by means of an attenuating wheel.

â—† True Double Beam Double monochromator Optics, and fully sealed to provide ultra-low stray light (0.00004%%T @220nm) and high photometric range (-8.0~8.0 Abs)

â—† 185– 900nm Wavelength range with Nitrogen purge

â—† Precise Wavelength accuracy is ensured by the integrated Mercury lamp for automatic correction

â—† Continuously selectable spectra bandwidth from 0.1-5nm

â—† Beam size continuously adjustable for variety of applications including ultra-volume cuvettes

â—† Large sample compartment suitable for all kinds of accessories, especially for 150mm integrating sphere 

â—† Support WIFI communication in field operation

â—† The integrated Mercury Emissions Lamp with automatic correction function ensures precise wavelength accuracy


  • Optical system: Double beam 
  • Scan Speed: 1000 nm/min, 1500 nm/min location speed
  • Wavelength Range: 185-900 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.2 nm
  • Spectral Bandwidth: ±20 % (0.1 nm-5 nm continuously adjustable)
  • Photometric Model: Transmittance,Absorbance, Enegy and Concentration
  • Photometric Range: -6.0 Abs-6.0 Abs
  • Baseline Flatness: ±0.0008 Abs
  • Baseline Stability: 0.1 %/hr
  • Cell Holder: Automatic 8 Cell Changer
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