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Used Lab Equipment

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Sorvall Discovery 100SE Floor Ultra Speed Centrifuge

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Sorvall Discovery 100SE Floor Ultra Speed Centrifuge

Sorvall Discovery 100SE Floor Ultra Speed Centrifuge

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 22415


  • Maximum speed of 100,000 rpm (802,006 x g)
  • Control Panel is simple with easy key operation and easy to see liquid crystal screen
  • The displayed language can be switched over between English and Japanese
  • The real time control(RTC) feature enables setting a start time or a finish time, thus letting you run your machine at a desired date and time
  • Centrifugal force (RCFmax and RCFavg) can be displayed and set
  • Twenty varieties of nine modes can be programmed for a wide range of applications
  • Various alarms notify users of causes and necessary actions when fault conditions are detected allowing easier and quicker troubleshooting
  • Space saving design. The installation area required is 0.81 m2 (90x90cm) pr 9.0 ft2 (3.0x3.0 ft). Lower top deck makes it easy to install and remove the rotor.
  • Low noise level makes the ultracentrifuge suitable for use in any laboratory.
  • Samples can be easily balanced visually.
  • CFC-free thermoelectric cooling system with greater cooling capacity.



  • Maximum speed: 100,000 rpm
  • Maximum centrifugal force: 802,006 x g
  • Speed control accuracy: ± 10 rpm (1,000 rpm to maximum speed)
  • Time for acceleration and deceleration: About 5 minutes from 0 to 100,000 rpm or vice versa
  • Rotor temperature control/display accuracy: ±0.50C (set temperature is from 00C to 400C)
  • Set speed: 1,000 rpm to maximum speed in increments of 100 rpm
  • Vacuum system: Oil rotary vacuum pump and oil diffusion pump combined Ultimate vacuum of 0.13 Pa
  • Noise level: 53 dB (measured 1 m in front of the instrument)
  • Maximum heat dissipation into room: 1kW/hr
  • Cooling method: Thermo-module cooling (CFC-free)
  • User interaction means: Liquid crystal display and keyboard
  • Interface: RS232C x 1 CH
  • Dimensions(WxDxH): 79x69x100cm (31x27x39in). Depth with safety cover mounted: 890mm(35 in). Height to table: 85cm(33.5 in)
  • Weight: 400 kg (882 lb.)
  • Power requirement: Single phase, 50/60 Hz. 208,220 Vac ± 10%, 20 A maximum (normally 8 A). 230,240 Vac ± 10 %, 16 A maximum (normally 7 A)

Operating temperature: 10 to 350C

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