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Used Lab Equipment

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Thermo Forma 8037 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

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Thermo Forma 8037 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Thermo Forma 8037 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 8279

Description: The CMC series allows for the utmost portability in the lab. Maximum storage capacity combined with minimum LN2 consumption makes these the most cost-effective units available. Multiple-sized CMC series LN2 storage containers are available in a variety of capacities and are ideal for various sample sizes, including 2.0ml, 4.0ml, and 5.0ml vials. CMC containers include canisters. Color-coded/numbered inventory racking systems are included to help reduce the risk of misplacing specimens. A lockable clasp (lock not included) provides specimen security. The unique container design achieves long-term storage and provides easy sample retrieval. CMC series storage containers are constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum with vacuum insulation that minimizes LN2 consumption while maximizing capacity.



  • Static Holding Days: 303
  • Evaporation Rate (liters/days): 0.1
  • Liquid Nitrogen Capacity - liters: 33.4
  • Weight Empty (lbs): 34
  • Weight Empty (kg): 15.4
  • Weight Full (lbs):  94
  • Weight Full (kg): 42.7
  • Neck Diameter (in): 2
  • Neck Diameter (mm): 5.1
  • Overall Height (in): 25.9
  • Overall Height (mm): 65.8
  • Overall Diameter (in): 18.2
  • Overall Diameter (mm): 46.2
  • Number of Cannisters: 6
  • Canister Diameter (in): 1.5
  • Canister Diameter (mm): 3.8
  • Sraw Capacity - 10/cane: 540
  • Including roller base


Vial Capacity - 6 vials (2.0ml)/cane


  • 2.0ml - 180
  • 4.0ml - 90


6.0ml - 60

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