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Waters 2996 HPLC Diode Array Detector

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Waters 2996 HPLC Diode Array Detector

Waters 2996 HPLC Diode Array Detector

Cambridge Scientific ID #: 17867

Waters 2996 Photo Diode Array (PDA) Detector has uniquely-integrated software and optics innovations that deliver no-compromise chromatographic and spectral sensitivity, reliability and ease of use for analytical and preparative separations. Advanced spectral analysis enhances component recognition and homogeneity assessment.



  • Maximum chromatographic sensitivity means unprecedented trace impurity detection and quantification.
  • Optimized spectral sensitivity and Waters purity algorithms mean definitive compound identification and co-elution detection.
  • Superior linearity range defined by a fixed optical bandpass
  • Simplified optics that are reliable and easy to maintain
  • Method development and validation are fast and straight forward with uncomplicated method development tools within Empower
  • Compliance-ready for the FDA Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures Rule
  • Start-up diagnostics that ensure detector performance prior to use



  • Linearity range: 5% over -0.1 to 2.0 AU
  • Spectral resolution: 1.2 nm per photodiode
  • Baseline noise: 5 x 10 -5 AU peak-to-peak
  • Drift: 1 x 10 -3 AU/hour at 254 nm (after warmup)
  • Operating temperature: 4 to 40 ¡ãC (39 to 104 ¡ãF)
  • Operating humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing
  • Wavelength accuracy: 1nm
  • Wavelength range: 190 to 800 nm
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