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Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of used and refurbished Analyzers ranging from Chemistry Analyzers, Hematology Analyzers, to Glucose/Lactate Analyzers. Some of our popular manufacturers include YSI, Cell-Dyn, and Roche.

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Hitachi 3500 Genetic Analyzer

Hitachi 3500 Genetic Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 19205


The 3500 Genetic Analyzer is an 8-capillary sequencing instrument specifically designed to support the demanding performance needs of validated and process controlled environments, while retaining the unsurpassed application versatility that life science researchers expect. The 3500 series systems significantly improves signal uniformity from instrument-to-instrument, run-to-run, and capillary-to-capillary. With a combination of intelligent hardware, powerful new algorithm and reagent combinations, these methods provide major reduction in the range of signal peak heights obtained across multiple 3500 series instruments.


  • Analysis Software: GeneMapper Software, Sequencing Analysis Software, Variant Reporter Software
  • Current Limit: 15 amps
  • Hard Drive: 2x 500GB SATA 3.0 Gb/s and 8 MB Data Burst Cache, Memory: 16 GB (2x 8GB) 1600 MHz DDR3 Non-ECC. 4th Gen Intel Core I7 Processor- 3.1 GHz Turbo Processor, Operating System: Windows 7 SP1
  • Format: 8-well strips, 96-well plate
  • Number of Capillaries: 8 Capillaries
  • Operating Environment: Humidity: 20%-80% (non-condensing), Room temp: <2° fluctuation during runs
  • Temperature: 15°C-30°C
  • Product Size: 1 system
  • Read Length: >850 bp using a 50 cm capillary and POP-7™ polymer
  • Throughput: Up to 424 samples per day (using run module HID36 POP-7)
  • Voltage Limit: Electrophoresis Voltage - Up to 20 kV
  • Weight: 82 kg
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Lighthouse FMS-1400 Headspace Pressure/Moisture AnalyzerImage Coming Soon

Lighthouse FMS-1400 Headspace Pressure/Moisture Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 19011


The FMS-1400 Headspace Pressure/Moisture Analyzer is a non-destructive gas analyzer for simultaneously monitoring moisture partial pressure and total headspace pressure in sealed parenteral containers. This compact analyzer utilizes a patented laser absorption technique developed with funding from the Food and Drug Administration. Light from a near-infrared laser is tuned to match an internal absorption frequency of the water molecule and passed through a container in the headspace above the product. The amount of laser light absorbed is proportional to the water vapor concentration in the headspace, while the width of the absorption signal is related to the headspace pressure. This measurement method allows for the rapid analysis of 100% of product while reducing testing costs and provides a replacement for destructive methods such as Karl Fischer Titration (KFT) and Loss On Drying (LOD).

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Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam 8000 Series *NEW* Sub-Visible Particle Analyzer

Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam 8000 Series *NEW* Sub-Visible Particle Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 18764


FlowCam® is an imaging particle analysis system that uses flow microscopy to image and analyze subvisible particles with diameters ranging from 1 μm to 600 μm. Simultaneously determine particle shape, type, and size distribution of all detectable particles in your solution.


  • Particle Size Range: 1 μm to 600 μm
  • Magnification & FlowCells:
    • 20X (~200X magnification), flow cell depth option: 50 μm Field-of-View (FOV)
    • 10X (~100X magnification), flow cell depth option: 100 μm FOV
    • 4X (~40X magnification), flow cell depth option: 300 μm and 600 μm FOV
  • Sample Processing Capability: 0.05 mL/minute at 20X and up to 3mL/minute at 4X
  • Camera: High resolution (1920x1200 pixels) CMOS. Monochrome and color available.
  • Frame Rate: Shutters up to 100 frames per second.
  • Fluidics: Micro-syringe pump with multiple sizes to optimize flow rates: 0.5 mL, 1 mL, 5 mL



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Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam ALH - Automated Liquid Handling System *NEW* Liquid Handler

Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam ALH - Automated Liquid Handling System *NEW* Liquid Handler

Cambridge ID #: 18763


  • Programmable pre-analysis sample preparation
  • Heating & cooling features
  • Self-contained system
  • Vertical set-up saves bench space
  • Standard SBS format labware
  • Disposable pipette tips
  • High accuracy fluid dispensing
  • Complete control of workflows
  • Particle identification via Microsoft Excel®


  • Operating principle: Single robotic XYZ arm, hydraulic fill on all fluidics
  • Labware format: SBS
  • Number of positions for labware: 7
  • Maximum number of wells per deck position: 96
  • Maximum volume dispensed per operation: 1000μl
  • Minimum volume dispensed during dilution or reagent operations: 5μl
  • Minimum volume dispensed into FlowCam for analysis: 100μl
  • CV of aspiration/dispensing accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Pipette format: Disposable
  • Environmental (particulate) control: Positive pressure HEPA filtration
  • Sterilization: UV, programmable exposure time
  • Mechanical orbital method: 100 -2000 RPM clockwise
  • Sample conditioning: Heating/cooling 2-90°C
  • Mixing: Aspiration/dispensing method
  • Multiple assays/workflows supported: Yes
  • Operation pause and resume: Yes
  • CFR21 Compliant: Yes
  • Workspace illumination: User controlled white LED
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 49 x 30 x 25” (124.5 x 76.2 x 63.5 cm)
  • Weight: 190 lbs. (86.7 kg)
  • Voltage: 110-220 V
  • Power: 700 watts, including FlowCam
  • Operating Temperature Operating: 5-40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20-60°C
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Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam Macro *NEW* Particle Analyzer

Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam Macro *NEW* Particle Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 18765


Based on proven FlowCam DIPA technology, and optimized for larger particles (50μm to 5mm), FlowCam Macro provides rapid particle characterization that goes beyond just particle size. Direct, image-based measurements of particle size and shape enable differentiation of particle types in a heterogeneous mixture.


  • Particle Count: Yes
  • Concentration: Yes
  • Particle Size (ESD): Yes
  • Particle Size Range: 50μm to 5mm
  • Technology: Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis
  • Image Type: 8-bit Grayscale (Monochrome Camera) or 24-bit Color (Color Camera)
  • Image Format: 8-bit (monochrome) TIFF or 24-bit (color) TIFF
  • Fluidics: High capacity industrial peristaltic pump, 2mm (deep) or 5mm (deep) flow cell
  • Flow Rate: Up to 1 liter/minute
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Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam Nano *NEW* Sub-Micron Particle Analyzer

Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam Nano *NEW* Sub-Micron Particle Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 18766


Introducing the FlowCam Nano® by Fluid Imaging Technologies. This patented oil immersion, flow imaging technology complements our industry-leading imaging particle analysis system to provide you with the most comprehensive particle analysis research and development tool for parenteral drug analysis.


  • Method: Oil immersion flow microscopy
  • Size Range: 300 nm to 30 μm
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 20 μl
  • Magnification & Flow Cell: 40X magnification with 50 μm flowcell
  • Numerical Aperture (NA): 1.4 NA
  • Camera’s Field of View: 150 μm height x 200 μm wide
  • Camera Frame Rate: Up to 120 frames per second
  • Focus Method: Manual
  • Flow Rate: 0.02 mL/minute
  • Image Format/Type: TIFF/ 8-bit Grayscale
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Viscotek GPCmax GPC/SEC Detectors

Viscotek GPCmax GPC/SEC Detectors

Cambridge ID #: 18516

Description: The GPCmax is sold as part of the Viscotek TDAmax system, or as a stand-alone module for connection to other chromatography components, such as the RImax, UV/Vis or PDA detectors. Incorporating an isocratic pump, degasser and autosampler, the GPCmax turns any Viscotek detector into a complete standalone system. It can be controlled from the front panel or the OmniSEC software.


  • Inline degasser to remove dissolved gases and allow optimum performance of the pump.
  • Automatic eluent sensor which will stop the flow if it detects the solvent supply is dangerously low.
  • Dual piston pump for extremely low pulsation and stable eluent flow.
  • Soft start/stop to maximize the lifetime of your columns by protecting them from pressure shocks.
  • Variable volume autosampler handles up to 120 vials, with both heated and cooled sample tray options.
  • Determination of dn/dc or 2nd virial coefficient (A2) determined simply using OmniSEC software.


  • System: GPCmax
  • Operation and control: By OmniSEC software or from front panel
  • Dimensions (W, D, H): 55cm x 53cm x 38cm
  • Weight: 37kg


  • Channels/volume: Two channels, 8ml per channel
  • Performance: < 0.5ppm oxygen at 0.5ml/min
  • Eluent sensor: User selectable, stops GPC pump when eluent runs out


  • Flow rate range: 0.01 – 9.99 ml/min
  • Pulsation: Less than 1% (measured with a viscometer)
  • Pressure reading: MPa or PSI
  • Soft start/stop: User programmable in mL/min/min


  • Capacity (Standard): 120 vials, freely programmable position sequence
  • Injection volume: Variable injection volume, between 20 and 150µL
  • Reproducibility: Better than 0.5%
  • Carryover: Less than 0.1%, depending on wash program
  • Cooling option: 4°C – 40°C
  • Capacity (with cooling options): 60 vials cooled and freely programmable position sequence
  • Heated tray option: 65°C fixed in one tray
  • Capacity (with heating options): 60 vials heated, freely programmable position sequence

Operating environment

  • Temperature: 15°C – 40°C
  • Humidity: 35% - 80% non-condensing
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Viscotek TDA 302 TDA DetectorImage Coming Soon

Viscotek TDA 302 TDA Detector

Cambridge ID #: 18517

The Model 302 TDA Differential Refractometer is the basic detector component of a system for polymer analysis by gel permeation chromatography (GPC), also called size exclusion chromatography (SEC). SEC involves separation through the hydrodynamic volume of the molecular distribution. The refractometer can also be used to determine the concentration of solutions after calibration.




Light Scattering Detector

  • Measuring Angle: 90° and 7°
  • Light source: constant optical power output laser diode
  • Wavelength: 670 nm
  • Output power: 3 mW
  • Detectors: Photodiode/Amplifier
  • Cell Volume: 10 µL

Refractometer Detector / Vapor Sensor

  • Cell volume: 12 µL
  • Maximum back pressure on cell: 30 kPa (5 psi)
  • Maximum signal: 10 V (nom.)
  • Baseline noise (mV): 0.10
  • Baseline noise (RIU): 2 x 10^8
  • Baseline drift (mV/hr): 5.0

Viscometer Detector

  • Capillary dimensions: 0.01” W x 24” L
  • Bridge balance: 1%
  • Maximum flow rate (H2O): 1.5 mL/min
  • Maximum flow rate (THF): 3 mL/min
  • DP noise maximum: 0.3 mV (0.3Pa)
  • DP noise typical: 0.2 mV (0.2Pa)
  • DP drift typical: 1.5 mV/hr
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Malvern ZEN3600 Particle CounterImage Coming Soon

Malvern ZEN3600 Particle Counter

Cambridge ID #: 18515




  • Size range (Nano ZS)


    • Size range maximum (diameter): 0.3nm - 10 microns
    • Minimum sample volume: 12μL
    • Concentration - minimum: 0.1mg/mL 15kDa protein, 0.1ppm of 60nm polystyrene latex
    • Concentration - maximum: 40% w/v
    • Measurement angles (water as sample dispersant): 12.8° and 175°


  • Zeta potential


    • Size range suitable for measurement (diameter): Minimum 3.8nm, maximum 100 microns
    • Mobility range: minimum zero, no effective maximum
    • Zeta potential range: no effective limitations
    • Maximum sample concentration: 40
    • Minimum sample volume: 750μL folded capillary cell and dip cell, 150μL high concentration cell
    • Maximum sample conductivity: 300mS/cm
    • Conductivity accuracy: +/- 10%


  • Molecular weight


    • Molecular weight range (est from hydrodynamic diameter): 342Da to 2x107Da (Nano S, ZS, S90, Nano ZS90)
    • Molecular weight range (calculated using Debye plot): 980Da to 2x107Da (Nano S and ZS); 9,800Da to 2x107Da (Nano S90 & ZS90)
    • Minimum sample volume: 12µl


  • Measurement technique


    • Size: Dynamic light scattering (NIBS)
    • Zeta potential: Me-PALS
    • Molecular weight: Static light scattering
    • Detector: Avalanche photodiode, Q.E. >50% at 633nm
  • Product laser class: Class 1 compliant, IEC 60825-1(1993)+A1(1997)+A2(2001)
  • Laser attenuation: automatic, transmission 100% to 0.0003%
  • Laser: Red (Standard), Green (Option)
  • Condensation control: purge facility using dry air
  • Temperature control range: 0ºC to 90ºC (to 120ºC with High Temperature option)
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.1°C at 25°C, +/- 0.2°C at 0°C, +/- 0.5°C at 90°C, +/- 1°C at 120°C
  • Compatible cell temperatures: 0°C to 120°C -- Glass and Quartz cells, High concentration cell 0°C to 70°C -- Folded capillary cell, plastic disposable cells 0°C to 50°C -- Dip cell
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 320 x 600 x 260 mm - with cuvette holder closed
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Power requirements: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: Max.100W
  • Ambient operating conditions: +10 to +35 °C (+50 to 95 °F)
  • Humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
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Malvern Mastersizer 3000E Particle Counter

Malvern Mastersizer 3000E Particle Counter

Cambridge ID #: 18457

The Mastersizer 3000E is highly regarded as being the premier instrument on the market for design, performance and software user experience. The 3000E is an entry level addition to the mastersizer product family based upon the proven design of the mastersizer 3000 but with more basic performance and software functionality.




  • Particle size range from 0.1 - 1000 µm
  • Manual wet and dry dispersion units only
  • Basic software with updates and bug fixes only
  • Anytime upgrade option to Mastersizer 3000E Extended




  • Particle size distribution: Suspensions, emulsions, dry powders
  • Principle: Laser light scattering
  • Analysis: Mie and Fraunhofer scattering
  • Data acquisition rate: 10kHz
  • Typical measurement time: <10 sec


  • Optics


    • Red light source: Max. 4mW He-Ne, 632.8 nm
    • Blue light source: None
    • Lens arrangement:Reverse Fourier (convergent beam)
    • Effective focal length: 300mm


  • Detector


    • Arrangement: Log-spaced array
    • Angular range: 0.032 - 60 degrees
    • Alignment: Automatic
  • Size range: 0.1 to 1000µm
  • Number of size classes: 100 (user adjustable)
  • Accuracy: 0.6%
  • Repeatability: Better than 0.5% variation
  • Reproducibility: Better than 1% variation


  • System compliance


    • Laser class: Class 1, IEC60825-1:2007 and CRF Chapter 1: Sub-chapter J: Part 1040 (CDRH)
    • Regulatory: Designed to meet RoHS and WEEE requirement CE/FCC/ICE5-003/VCCI compliant. Designed to meet C-Tick
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 690mm x 300mm x 450mm
  • Mass: 30kg
  • Supply voltage: 100/240V, 50/60Hz
  • Product storage temperature: -20°C to +50°C (non-condensing)
  • Operational temperature range: +5°C to +40°C (non-condensing)
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Caliper Labchip EZ Reader II GXII Protein Analysis

Caliper Labchip EZ Reader II GXII Protein Analysis

Cambridge ID #: 17892


This product produces high data quality results through precise ratiometric readout of substrates and products. Provides a wide range of enzyme targets, no compound interference, no indirect effects. Real Time Kinetics, detailed mechanistic studies, and Precise IC50 determinations.


  • Detection Method: Fluorescence
  • Light Source: LED
  • Dimensions: 25.57 x 18.60 x 18.28” H
  • Weight: 100 lbs
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Solentim Cell Metric CLD Cell Analysis

Solentim Cell Metric CLD Cell Analysis

Cambridge ID #: 17873


The Cell Metric CLD uses non-invasive bright field imaging for analysis of settled suspension or adherent cells. Cells are imaged in lidded, flat-bottomed microplates (typically 96 or 384 well format) in their normal liquid media environment. Scanning of the entire plate is rapid (approx. 4-5 minutes) with whole-well images captured automatically at single-cell resolution (insert and image of Day 0 and Day 1 – use the ones from the  home page montage). Focus of all wells in the plate is 100% guaranteed which largely eliminates user misclassification of wells and subsequent ghost wells. A built-in barcode reader ensures accurate tracking of plates.

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Advanced Micro Instruments 3010BR-DC H2S Electrochemical Analyzer

Advanced Micro Instruments 3010BR-DC H2S Electrochemical Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 15522


  • 4 standard user selectable output ranges to choose from: 0-10ppm, 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, 0–200ppm
  • Optional output ranges available: 0-500ppm, 0-1000ppm and 2000ppm
  • The selection of an output range simultaneously controls the two alarms, the analog output and the data logger so that all 4 functions operate on the same range
  • Digital display: High resolution 3 ½ digit LCD. Reads full scale from 0.00ppm to 200ppm independently of output range selection and 0.00ppm to 2000ppm when using high range sensor.
  • Alarms: 2 fully adjustable Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) concentration alarms Dry contacts 5A. @24VDC/115VAC
  • Alarm delays: Programmable from 0-300 minutes
  • Alarm hold off: Programmable from 0-120 minutes
  • Isolated analog output signal: 1-5VDC or 4-20mARepresents the output range selected: 0-10ppm, 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-200ppm
  • Data logger: Logs data for 15 days @ 1 minute intervals, 30 days @ 2 minute intervals, etc. Represents the output range selected: 0-10ppm, 0-50ppm,0-100ppm,0-200ppm
  • Power requirements: 10-28VDC/ 115VAC<70mA. @ 12VDC non heated<24W @12VDC with heated option
  • Minimum detection: 50ppb of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Repeatability: +/- 1% of range or +/- 0.2ppm of H2S,whichever is greater
  • Operating temperature range: 25 to 115Ëš F non-heated; -20 to 115Ëš F heated option
  • Diurnal temperature specification:< +/- 2 % of scale over temperature range
  • 90% full scale response times for specified range: 0-100ppm < 120 seconds @ 1.5SCFH; 0-2000ppm < 120 seconds @ 1.5SCFH
  • Response to Methyl Mercaptan: 40% of actual concentration
  • Response to Sulfur Dioxide: 18% of actual concentration
  • Area Classification: CSA approved to UL-913 and UL-1203 Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B,C,D with a flammable gas sample
  • Inlet gas pressure: 0.5 to 150psig
  • Gas connections: ¼" 316 S.S. compression fittings
  • Wetted parts: 316 S.S. fittings, electroless nickel plated cellblock, gold plated contacts, acrylic flow meter and Viton O-rings
  • Recommended flow rate: from 1.0 to 1.5 SCFH
  • Mounting: Wall mount or 2.0" pipe
  • Dimensions: 13.0"W x 9.5"H x 5.0"D
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
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YSI 2300 STAT Glucose / Lactate Analyzer

YSI 2300 STAT Glucose / Lactate Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 6088

The YSI 2300 is ideal for:

  • STAT Lab or Central Lab
  • Diabetes Evaluation
  • Diabetes / Endocrinology Research
  • Handheld Monitor Development
  • Human Performance Evaluation
  • Exercise / Athlete Evaluation
  • Cardiac / Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Neonatology / Pediatrics
  • General Metabolic Research
  • Veterinary Medicine & Research
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YSI 2700 Glucose / Lactate Analyzer

YSI 2700 Glucose / Lactate Analyzer

Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 11248, 7547

Optional Xylose kit w/computer and Xylose software


  • Turntable
  • Free Starter Kit  
  • Biochemistry analyzer for bioprocessing, food and beverage, and biofuels applications

It provides rapid, accurate analysis of key nutrients and byproducts, including:

  • Glucose
  • Lactate
  • Glutamine
  • Glutamate
  • Ethanol
  • Lactose
  • Sucrose
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Methanol
  • Starch
  • Choline
  • Xylose
  • Galactose



  • Aspirated sample volume: User
  • Selects: 5 to 65 microliters
  • Analysis time: 60 seconds
  • Precision: <2% cv, n=10
  • Linearity: 5%, calibration value to range maximum
  • Includes: Turntable 2710
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