Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Cryogenic solutions ranging from Liquid Nitrogen Dewars, Cryostorage Tanks and Controlled Rate Freezers. Some of our leading manufacturers include Taylor-Wharton, Thermolyne, MVE and Thermo Forma.

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MVE Cryogenics XLC 511-F-GB-BB Cryo Storage Tank

MVE Cryogenics XLC 511-F-GB-BB Cryo Storage Tank

Cambridge ID #: 17600


MVE Cryo-Preservation Systems are designed for the user who needs either vapor or liquid storage. A large neck opening and stainless steel construction provides the most durable environment for your biological samples. With advanced features and storage from 4,000 vials to 56,000 vials, the MVE series is the perfect choice. The now standard “One fill, all fill” feature drives every freezer in a network to top up each time any of the network freezers calls for a fill. This helps to minimize transfer losses.


  • Number of 1.2 ml & 2.0 ml vials: 10,400
  • Number of racks (100 vials): 7 (13/2 rack)
  • Number of racks (25 vials): 4 (13/2 rack)
  • Total Number of racks: 11
  • Number of blood bag stored (Fenwal 4R-5461): 224
  • Liquid Nitrogen Capacity - liters: 158
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Unit Dimensions:
    • Neck Opening (in/mm): 20.8/528
    • Usable Height (in/mm): 28.6/726
    • Overall Height (in/mm): 44.2/1123
    • Outside Diameter (in/mm): 22.75/579
    • Internal Diameter (in/mm): 20.8/528
  • Weight Empty (lbs/kg): 242/110
  • Weight Full (lbs/kg): 524/238
  • Roller Base: Included



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