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We offer an assortment of refurbished Refrigerated Centrifuges and Non Refrigerated Centrifuges ranging from Microfuge and Tabletop Centrifuges to Floor Model Centrifuges. These come in Low Speed Centrifuges, High / Super speed Centrifuges, and Ultra Centrifuge versions. Some of our leading manufacturers include Beckman, Sorvall and Eppendorf. Additionally, we have many Rotors in stock to fit almost all your needs.

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Eppendorf 5702RH *NEW* Benchtop Refrigerated/ Heated Centrifuge

Eppendorf 5702RH *NEW* Benchtop Refrigerated/ Heated Centrifuge

Cambridge ID #: 17402


The refrigerated/heated Centrifuge 5702 RH is a compact general purpose, low speed centrifuge. It is ideal for low- to mid-throughput clinical research and cell culture labs. This centrifuge also provides 6 rotor options to accommodate different tubes.This centrifuge also features a FastTemp function which allows for fast pre-cooling. It also allows centrifugation under biological conditions to improve cell viability for more accurate results in downstream applications like cell cultivation. Active heating guarantees high temperature accuracy during the entire centrifugation cycle.



  • Dimensions (W x D x H): (38 x 58 x 26 cm)
  • Height (with open lid): 60 cm
  • Temperature control range: -9 °C to 40 °C
  • Max. RCF: 3,000 x g
  • Max. speed: 4,400 rpm
  • Speed: 100 - 4,400 rpm (100 rpm steps)
  • Max. capacity: 4 x 100 mL
  • Rotors available: 6
  • Acceleration time: 25 s
  • Deceleration time: 25 s
  • Timer: 0 - 99 min, with continuous run function
  • SOFT brake function: yes
  • Noise level: <46 dB(A) with Rotor A-4-38
  • Power supply: 120 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 380 W
  • Cooling: refrigerated
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