Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Cell Counters and Particle Counters as well as Particle Sizers. Some of our leading manufacturers include Beckman Coulter, Roche and Malvern.

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Wave Biotech 20P Bioreactor

Wave Biotech 20P Bioreactor

Cambridge ID #: 18332



Meet specific application needs with Thermo ScientificRefrigerator and Freezer Alarms, optional alarms for lab refrigerators and freezers.

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Wave Biotech BASE 2050EH Bioreactor

Wave Biotech BASE 2050EH Bioreactor

Cambridge ID #: 17883


  • Disposable Presterile Bioreactor Chamber
  • Fit Cellbags: 2x2L, 2x10L, 1x20L with KIT20 or 2x22L, 1X50L with KIT50
  • Completely closed system
  • Operate inside an incubator or on the benchtop



  • Electric Rocker Base for 20/50EHT
  • Digital temperature control




Monoclonal antibodies

The WAVE Bioreactor system has been used extensively for monoclonal antibody production. Culture can be started at low volume and then fresh media added whenever the cell count is sufficiently high. This enables inoculum scale up without transfers. Batches ranging from 100ml to 500L have been run with cell densities over 10x106 cells/ml and productivity and product quality comparable to stirred tank bioreactors. Dissolved oxygen concentrations are not limiting and remain above 50% saturation.


Anchorage-dependent cells

Agitation in the WAVE Bioreactor system is powerful enough to mix and aeratethe culture. Yet it is gentle enough to cultivate anchorage-dependent cells on various microcarriers. The wave motion prevents setting and provides oxygenation without bubbles.


Virus production

The WAVE Bioreactor system provides a closed system that is ideal for virus production. In a gene therapy application, human 293 cells have been grown in suspension and then infected with recombinant adenovirus. Cells grew to 4x106 cells/ml and virus production was 1x105 virus particles/cell. The WAVE Bioreactor system produces viruses under complete containment without the need for biosafety cabinet.


Insect cell / Baculovirus

The high oxygen supply capability of the WAVE Bioreactor system makes it ideal for insect cell culture.Cell densities over 9x106 are routinely achieved. Baculovirus yields are higher than with conventional bioreactors. The WAVE Bioreactor system is extremely easy to operate and inoculum scale-up and infection can be done inside the bioreactor, reducing the need for transfers.

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Sartorius Stedim BIOSTAT CultiBag RM 50 Bioreactor

Sartorius Stedim BIOSTAT CultiBag RM 50 Bioreactor

Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 18323, 15812


  • Total volume: up to 20 L 
  • Minimum working volume: 0.1 L 
  • Maximum working volume: 10 L 
  • Temperature range: Ambient to 40°C
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Pall Corporation iCELLis Nano Bioreactor

Pall Corporation iCELLis Nano Bioreactor

Cambridge ID #: 22016
  • Cell culture process simplification, from vial to product
  • Fully-integrated, single-use bioreactor with disposable, pre-installed calibrated probes
  • Unique waterfall system for optimal oxygenation and CO2 stripping
  • Straightforward implementation for faster process development
  • Predictable scalability from R&D to manufacturing
  • Compact high-cell-density, fixed-bed bioreactor providing a significant increase in volumetric
  • productivity vs. traditional stirred tanks
  • Significant decrease in operational costs and capital investments vs. classical 2D flatware
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     My-Control Controller

    My-Control Controller

    Cambridge ID #: 22015
  • Features
  • Control of all bioprocess parameters (including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, agitation, foam, and level)
  • Selectable autotuning adaptive PID control for accurate control when process conditions change during the culture.
  • Easy operation through web browsers (Windows PC, Apple PC, Linux PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone)
  • Parallel processing is enhanced by allowing up to 32 my-Controllers in one human interface
  • Extended liquid addition options tuned to small-scale cultivation via up to 6 digital variable speed pumps or micro addition valves for extremely accurate microliter volumes
  • Enhanced gas addition strategies via up to 4 mass flow controllers
  • No water connections needed due to electrical cooling and heating system for bioreactor and condenser
  • Expandable control system with optional extra inputs and outputs
  • USB connection for optional balances, Biomass or Fluorophor pH and DO sensors
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    ChemTec Tandem 1081 Pump Control Module

    ChemTec Tandem 1081 Pump Control Module

    Cambridge ID #: 16439

    The ChemTec provides programmable feed scheduling for chemical reactors, bioreactors and fermenters either by weight or volume. Both linear and exponential feed strategies can be readily implemented. When interfaced with an electronic balance, the ChemTec can also be used to maintain vessel or reactor weight in diafiltration or perfusion applications, it can also act as a pH controller for pH maintenance or simple end point titration. 


    • Pump Output: 0.03 ml/min to 2,250 ml/min
    • Tubing Sizes: #13, 14, 16, 17, 18, and 25
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    Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell XR Cell Viability Analyzer

    Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell XR Cell Viability Analyzer

    Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 14527, 24119, 20807, 23189

    The new Vi-CELL Series Cell Viability Analyzers provide an automatic and cost effective means to perform the trypan blue dye exclusion method. This data is essential to the decision making process for basic tissue culture cell passage and maintaining optimum culture conditions in bioreactors. Cell and tissue culture applications in life science research, including recombinant protein and biopharmaceutical production, require the accuracy, precision and automation available only in the Vi-CELL cell viability analyzer.

    The Vi-CELL automates the widely accepted trypan blue cell exclusion method. Historically, cell viability determinations were performed manually using a light microscope and hemacytometer. This technique has major shortcomings due to subjective determination of cell count, as well as manual, time consuming steps. In comparison to the manual technique, the Vi-CELL automatically performs the trypan blue with video imaging of the flow-through cell. Results are obtained in minutes.


    • Computer w/ Software
    • Monitor
    • Manuals

    Product Features:

    • Automation of the standard trypan blue assay
    • % Viability
    • Total cell concentration
    • Total viable cell concentration
    • Mean cell size
    • Real time cellular images
    • Bioprocess monitoring
    • Validated reagents
    • Convenient reagent pack

     The Vi-CELL XR offers additional benefits over the S and AS Models:

    • Extended size range to 2 microns, allowing additional analyses of yeast, and smaller cells.
    • Increased sample throughput with greater efficiency.
    • Reduced sample volume results in less reagent use.
    • Auto focus capability increases instrument ease of use.
    • Variable aspiration and mixing cycles optimize results.
    • Enhanced image magnification provides unparalleled cellular detail.
    • Circularity measurement helps isolate debris from cells.


    • Analysis Time: < 2.5 min
    • Capacity: Single or 12 position via autoloader
    • Concentration Range: 5 x 10^4 to 1 x 10^7 cells/mL
    • Counting Accuracy: ± 6%
    • Depth: 41 cm (16 in)
    • Digitizing Resolution: 1394 x 1040
    • Height: 44.5 cm (17.5 in)
    • Imaging Technology: Auto-focus CCD array, Firewire camera
    • Instrument Type: Video image through a quartz flow cell
    • Overall Analysis Range: Size Range: 2 µm - 70 µm
    • Sample Volume: 0.5 mL
    • Temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
    • Viability Range: 0 to 100%
    • Weight: 11.3 kg (25 lb)
    • Width: 38 cm (15 in)
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