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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of used and refurbished Waterbaths, Circulators and Chillers ranging from Heated/Heating Water Baths to Refrigerated/ Refrigerating Cooling Water Baths, Shaking Water Bathsand Circulating Chillers to Recirculating Chillers. Some of our popular manufacturers include Fisher, VWR, Forma, Precision, Neslab and Brinkmann Lauda

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BTX ECM 630 Electroporation System

BTX ECM 630 Electroporation System

Cambridge ID #: 18346


The ECM 630 is an exponential decay wave electroporation generator providing a broad range of voltage and time constants for full flexibility in varying transfection applications. The ability to select the resistance and capacitance values, and adjust the range of voltages is the key to achieving the optimal time constants and field strengths needed for efficient transformation of prokaryote and eukaryote transfection.  The ECM 630 can perform the widest range of electroporation applications among commercially available electroporation generators. Legacy ECM 630 systems are available while supplies last as we transition to new ECM 630 instruments.


  • Display: LED backlit
  • Cooling: Convection through metal case
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 12.25” x 5.5”
  • Weight (W x D x H): 13.6 lbs (6.2 kg)
  • Certifications and Compliances:
    • CAT III: Products in this Category: Distribution-level mains, fixed installation
    • CAT II: Local-level mains, applications, portable equipment
    • CAT I: Signal levels in special equipment or parts of equipment, telecommunications, electronics




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BTX ECM399 Electrophoresis Power SupplyImage Coming Soon

BTX ECM399 Electrophoresis Power Supply

Cambridge ID #: 13105

The ECM 399 is an exponential decay wave electroporaton generator specifically designed to deliver the field strengths and pulse lengths required for the simple transformation of bacteria and yeast cells. In low voltage mode the ECM 399 has a limited capability for transfecting some mammalian cell lines.


  • Power Requirements: 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 10°C to 40°C
  • Relative Humidity: 60%
  • Altitude: 2000 m (operating)
  • Dimensions:7 x 9.1 x 4.3 in
  • Weight:2 kg (7 lbs)
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