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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Microscopes ranging from Inverted Microscopes, Compound Microscopes, Fluorescence Microscopes, Stereo/Dissecting Microscopes, and Biological Microscopes to Polarizing Microscopes. Some of our popular manufacturers include Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Leica. We also feature microscope cameras, objectives and stands. Additionally, we sell a wide selection of Scanning Electron Microscopes including Hitachi and JEOL. Browse our used microscopes below.

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Leica DMD108 Digital Compound Microscope

Leica DMD108 Digital Compound Microscope

Cambridge ID #: 18643

Description: The Leica DMD108 digital microimaging network instrument speeds daily workflow amazingly. The image is displayed to a monitor or projection screen thanks to the integrated camera. The integrated color management features always true color and brilliant images. As there is no need to adapt the posture to the position of eyepieces anymore, work becomes more comfortable while avoiding painful muscle tensions during long working days.

The integrated email function, and remote viewing via internet enable easy communication without connection to a PC.





  • Frame Rate: 12 fps (1x1), 17 fps (2x2), + optional adaptive binning for stage users
  • Format: 1280 x 960 Live, 3MP Still
  • Contrasts: transmission, pol, incident (macro)
  • Magnification: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x (Oil), 100x (Oil)
  • Illumination: pulsed diode illumination for seamless motion imaging using a sequential shutter. control of illumination and aperture
  • Storage: 64 MB RAM, extensible by USB, network drives



  • Revolver: motorized, 6 slot, M25
  • XY: manual, coax, integrated condenser
  • Z-Focus: manual by hand wheel
  • Macro: 0.3x reflection to image label, 0.3x transmission for overview imaging
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Motic D-EL2 *NEW* Digital Compound Microscope

Motic D-EL2 *NEW* Digital Compound Microscope

Cambridge ID #: 17508


The second product in the EcoLine by Motic series is a digital microscope that can be viewed by more than one student at the same time. The bright and clear TFT screen mounted on the head of this glass-optics microscope serves as both a camera and a viewing platform. Capture still (5.0MP) images as well as Video onto the system's internal memory or onto an SD card that can be put into the microscope. The glass 4x, 10x and 40x(s) objectives provide clear images and adhere to normal educational standards. With the 4x objective, viewing of other specimens such as fabrics is made possible through the bright LED toplight, which is mounted on a flexible arm. This is a simple but versatile microscope packed in a hard carrying case along with sample microscope slides.




  • Monitor: 3" TFT monitor
  • Sensor: 5.0MP CMOS
  • Still capture resolution (interpolation): 12.0MP maximum
  • Memory: 64MB internal ,SD card slot
  • Illumination: Top LED, Bottom LED, Dimming control
  • Objectives: Coated Glass 4x, 10x, 40x(s)
  • Carrying Case: Plastic
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