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GE Biacore Biacore 1000 Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument

GE Biacore Biacore 1000 Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument

Cambridge ID #: 8623

Includes Computer loaded with Biacore Control Software



BIACORE 1000 is a fully automated system for biomolecular interaction analysis. It gives accurate and rapid results with a minimum of operator involvement, thus speeding up the time to produce results and increasing productivity in the lab.

With BIACORE 1000, all you need to do is load the samples and start a preprogrammed method. Continuous flow technology and robotic sample handling take care of immobilization, analysis, regeneration and any mixing and diluting requirements. Once the conditions are optimized the program can be run unattended with the results stored in the computer for later evaluation and interpretation. Besides increasing productivity, the elimination of manual sample handling also enhances reproducibility.



  • Sensor Chips: Classic
  • Molecular Weight Detection: >1000Da
  • Kinetic Ranges
    • Ka: 103‐5x106 M‐1s‐1
    • Kd: 10‐5‐10‐2 s‐1
  • Kd range: 1nM - ~10um
  • # Detection Spots / Sensor Surface: 4 (parallel)
  • Dynamic Range (RU): 0-33,000
  • Unattended Operation: up to 24 hours
  • Sample Capacity: 1x96 plus vials
  • Sample Needles: 1
  • Analysis Temp Control: 20-37C
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