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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished Refrigerated Centrifuges and Non Refrigerated Centrifuges ranging from Microfuge and Tabletop Centrifuges to Floor Model Centrifuges. These come in Low Speed Centrifuges, High / Super speed Centrifuges, and Ultra Centrifuge versions. Some of our leading manufacturers include Beckman, Sorvall and Eppendorf. Additionally, we have many Rotors in stock to fit almost all your needs.

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Beckman Coulter J6-HC High Capacity Centrifuge

Beckman Coulter J6-HC High Capacity Centrifuge

Cambridge ID #: 19143


The Beckman J6 Series is a line of versatile centrifuges for high-capacity laboratory applications. Designed with important safety features and special diagnostics built in, the J6 centrifugal systems are compatible with a wide range of rotors, carriers, adapters and other accessories. The Beckman J6 Series centrifuge is available in three models: the basic, easy-to operate analog Beckman J6-HC centrifuge, the more sophisticated digital Beckman J6-MC centrifuge, and the digital Beckman J6-MI centrifuge with brushless induction drive. The Beckman J6 centrifuges are designed to provide maximum uptime and increased productivity. These systems can be equipped with the ARIES (Automatic Rotor Imbalance Equilibrating System) rotors which eliminate manual sample balancing. The rugged belt-drive motors also provide higher torque and faster acceleration, and offer low wear and long motor life. Built with a sophisticated detection system, the Beckman J6 centrifuge prevents operation in the event of rotor imbalance, overspeed or overtemperature conditions. An electronic door interlock also ensures that the chamber door is securely closed before a run can begin, and remains locked during the course of the run – ensuring operator safety. For maximum versatility, optional Beckman rotors and accessories are available to assist any laboratory in getting the most from the J6 Series instruments.


  • Power Requirements: 60 Hz/240 V
  • Performance capabilities: 6,000 rpm/6835 x g
  • Heat output: Less than 7,000 Btu/h
  • Speed accuracy: 200 rpm
  • Weight: 235 kg
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 710 mm x 710 mm x 1270 mm
  • Circuit Breaker: 30 A
  • Imbalance protection: Yes
  • Refrigeration: Yes
  • Door interlock: Yes
  • Rotor overspeed protection: Yes
  • Steel chamber containment: Yes
  • Rear intake/exhaust: Yes
  • Full range of J6 and J2 rotors: Yes
  • Selectable deceleration profiles: Yes
  • Selectable acceleration profiles: Yes
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