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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of used and refurbished Refrigerators and Freezers. Our Refrigerators range from Basic Lab Refrigerators, Chromatography Solid Door Refrigerators/ Glass Door, Flammable Refrigerators, to Explosion Proof Refrigerators. Some of our popular manufacturers include Revco, Thermo Fisher, VWR and Marvel. Our Freezers from Basic -20 Freezers, Flammable Freezers and Explosion Proof Freezers to -40 Freezers, -80 Freezers Uprights and Chest Freezers. Some of our popular manufacturers include Revco, Thermo Forma, Fisher, VWR and Sanyo. We also feature new and refurbished Scottsman Ice Flakers. Please see our demo page for more information.

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Labrepco MPR-1411-PA Double Door Refrigerator

Labrepco MPR-1411-PA Double Door Refrigerator

Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 22360, 22357, 22362, 22359, 22363, 22358, 22361


  • Product Type: High Performance Refrigerator
  • Total Volume (cubic feet): 49.28
  • Lab Grade Refrigerator or Freezer Energy Consumption (kWh/day): 9.14
  • Peak Temperature Variance (ºC): 4.56
  • Product Form Factor: Upright
  • Total Number of Doors: 2
  • Number of glass doors: 2
  • Door Opening Orientation: Swinging,Left,Right
  • Number of Drawers or Shelves: 4
  • Dimensions(DxHxW in): 32.87 x 74.25 x 56.75 
  • Refrigerant Type: R-404A
  • Installed Accessories: shelves only, no additional electrical 
  • Insulation: HCFC-free rigid foamed-in-place polyurethane
  • Cooling method: Forced air circulation with double fan
  • Compressor: 250W, hermetic reciprocating type
  • Evaporator: Fin tube type
  • Condenser: Fin tube type
  • Defrost method: Forced type (cycle defrost system), fully automatic hot pipe for automatic evaporation for drain water
  • Defrost heater: 275 W
  • Temperature control: Microprocessor controlled on/off type. Thermistor sensor Temp. control range: 20C to 140C (ambient temp. -50C to 00C no-load) 20C to 230C (ambient temp. 00C to 350C no-load) (10C step)
  • Safety features: High/low temp. Protection circuit, remote alarm contact, temperature lock, part replacement notification, self diagnostics, memory backup (nonvolatile memory)
  • High temp. alarm: Flashing LED & buzzer after 0 to 15 minutes delay
  • Low temp. alarm: Flashing LED & buzzer after 0 to 15 minutes delay
  • Door ajar alarm: Flashing lamp, buzzer after 0 to 15 minutes delay
  • Interior lamp: 40W x 1, fluorescent lamp


Alarm and safety features:

  • High temperature alarm: 20C to 140C () above setpoint ( Flashing LED & buzzer )
  • Low temperature alarm: 20C to 140C () below setpoint, 00C or lower ( Flashing LED & buzzer )
  • Over heating protection: Interior temperature rises to 400C ( Fan motor & heater OFF )
  • Over cooling protection: Interior temperature lowers to 10C ( Compressor OFF )
  • Tamper proof: Tamper proof key lock ON (Set temperature cannot be altered )
  • Memory backup: Power failure (Memory of settings)
  • Door ajar: Door not closed ( Door ajar lamp ON & buzzer )
  • Self diagnostics: Sensor open or short ( Error code shown E01, E02 )
  • Remote terminal: Operation can be checked from office or control room away from the lab
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