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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Liquid Chromatography solutions ranging from HPLC, LC/MS to FPLC. Our systems can be customized to include almost any configuration of Autosamplers, Detectors and Pumps. Some of our leading manufacturers include Agilent, HP, Waters, GE, Amersham, Dionex and Shimazdzu. Our HPLC systems such as the Agilent 1100 and 1200 Series, Akta FPLCs, and the Waters Alliance & 600 series have the option of on site training, installation and extended warranties.

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Agilent 6530 QTOF with 1260 Infinity Bioinert HPLC LC/MS System

Agilent 6530 QTOF with 1260 Infinity Bioinert HPLC LC/MS System

Cambridge ID #: 18290


  • Mass accuracy within 2 ppm gives you complete confidence in your analysis.
  • Powerful Agilent Jet Stream source enables you to uncover low level components.
  • Wide in-spectrum dynamic range facilitates simultaneous measurement of minor components in the presence of intense background interferences.
  • The latest developments in Agilent Infinity II UHPLC, 2D-LC, SFC, and even GC-APCI chromatographic interfaces give you blazing fast acquisition speed.
  • Powerful MassHunter software provides the latest software capabilities for profiling, characterizing, identifying, and quantifying compounds in complex mixtures via high-definition MS and MS/MS.
  • Check out the latest developments in untargeted screening and quantitation using Agilent’s All Ions MS/MS technique.


  • Sensitivity, MS mode, electrospray on-column, 400 µL/min flow rate: 200:1 RMS; Option 200: 60:1 RMS
  • Sensitivity, MS/MS mode, electrospray on-column, 400 µL/min flow rate: 500:1 RMS; Option 200: 180:1 RMS
  • Mass resolving power: Greater than 10,000 at 118 m/z; Greater than 20,000 FWHM at 1,522 m/z
  • Mass accuracy, MS mode, electrospray on-column, 400 µL/min: Better than 2 ppm RMS as measured from 10 repeat injections
  • Mass accuracy, MS/MS mode, electrospray on-column, 400 µL/min: Better than 3 ppm RMS on m/z 397 as measured from 10 repeat injections
  • Mass accuracy temperature stability, MS mode: Maintain 1 ppm mass accuracy (variations < 3 °C from calibration temperature)
  • Dynamic range: Up to 5 decades
  • Mass range: m/z 100 – 20,000 extended mass range m/z 50 – 1,700 or 50 – 3,200 for both high resolution and extended dynamic range modes Quadrupole up to 4,000 m/z
  • Spectral acquisition rate, MS mode: 50 spectra/second
  • Spectral acquisition rate, MS/MS mode mode: 50 MS/MS spectra/second
  • Positive to negative switching:5 seconds


  • G5611A 1260 Quat Pump
  • G5667A 1260 HiP BioALS
  • G1316A 1260 TCC
  • G4212B 1260 DAD
  • G5664A 1260 BioFC-AS
  • Computer loaded with MassHunter BioConfirm (G829AA), Agilent SpectrumMill Proteomics (G2721AA), Mass Profiler Professional (G3835AA) and Personal METLIN metabolite database (G6825AA) software.
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Agilent 6460C LC/MS System

Agilent 6460C LC/MS System

Cambridge ID #: 17703

The Agilent 6460C Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System is equipped with Agilent Jet Stream Technology to enable enhanced sensitivity. The 6460 provides a fast and robust solution to simultaneously quantify, screen, and confirm analytes in the laboratory.

  • Greater signal and reduced noise - Agilent Jet Stream technology uses super-heated nitrogen to improve ion generation and desolvation
  • Efficient analysis – fast MRM speeds allow for analysis of over 100 overlapping compounds in a given retention time window
  • Screen, confirm and quantify – Triggered MRM (tMRM) combines fast and sensitive MRM quantitation with the generation of a product ion spectrum for library searching and compound screening and confirmation
  • Fast polarity switching for analysis of both positive and negative ions


  • MRM sensitivity Signal-to-Noise ratio ESI positive: S/N > 30,000:1 Noise 1 × RMS
  • MRM sensitivity Signal-to-Noise ratio (S/N) ESI negative: S/N > 10,000:1 Noise 1 × RMS
  • MRM sensitivity Instrument Detection Limit (IDL) ESI positive: IDL < 12.5 fg
  • MRM sensitivity Instrument Detection Limit (IDL) ESI negative: IDL < 12.5 fg
  • Mass range: m/z 5 – 3,000
  • Polarity switching: 30 ms
  • Mass resolution (autotune):7 Da
  • Mass resolution (manual tune):5 Da
  • Mass accuracy:
    • Da from 5 – 1,000 m/z
    • 01% from 1,000 – 2,000 m/z
    • 02% from 2,000 – 3,000 m/z
  • Mass stability: < 0.1 Da in 24 h
  • Dynamic range: > 6.0 × 106
  • Scan modes: MS scan, MS/MS product ion scan, MRM, MS/MS neutral loss/gain scan and precursor ion scan, SIM
  • Maximum scan rate: 12,500 Da/s
  • Minimum MRM dwell time: 1 ms
  • MRM transitions: 450 per time segment > 40,000 ion transactions per method
  • Dynamic MRM transitions: 4,000 ion transitions per method
  • Triggered MRM transitions: Up to 10 MRM transitions (primary and secondary) for library search and compound confirmation
  • Collision cell ion clearance: < 1 ms
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Waters ZQ 2000 LC/MS System

Waters ZQ 2000 LC/MS System

Cambridge ID #: 16408


  • Waters ZQ Single Quadrupole Detector
  • Computer w/ MassLynx software
  • Monitor and Cables
  • Manuals


The Micromass-ZQ 2000 (Mass Selective Detector) is a robust single quadrupole mass spectrometer, offering characteristic performance for laboratories that require nominal mass resolution for mass confirmation applications.  This system has a mass range (amu) up to 2000 daltons.  Easily qualify and quantify small molecules in a flash with the highly sensitive system.  Both inlet probes are quickly and easily interchangeable without breaking vacuum.  Flow rates allowed are 5-1000 µl/min (ESI) and 200-2000 µl/min (APCI).



  • Air Cooled System
  • Mass Range 2000amu
  • ZSpray dual orthogonal sampling interface provides unsurpassed sensitivity.
  • Vertically mounted liquid inlet probes to minimize tube length and peak dispersion
  • Software-controlled, intergrated syringe pump for easy calibration, tuning and sample infusion
  • Digital control of source gas flow rates
  • Software controlled divert valve/manual injection valve
  • Differentially pumped vacuum system featuring singular air-cooled, split flow turbomolecular pump technology
  • Sensiticity: 1 pg Reserpine
  • Mass Range: 2 – 2000
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Waters Acquity SQD 2 LC/MS System

Waters Acquity SQD 2 LC/MS System

Cambridge ID #: 15346

The Waters SQ Detector 2 is an advanced bench top single quadrupole mass detector designed for high performance LC/MS applications. With a wide range of ionization options including Atmospheric Pressure Photo Ionization (APPI) and the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP), the SQ Detector is ideally suited to a wide range of qualitative and quantitative applications.  The system includes IntelliStart Technology, for automated system optimization and status monitoring, ensuring that the highest quality of data is routinely available to all levels of operators



  • Waters SQ Detector 2 UPLC/MS Mass Spectrometer
  • Enhanced high performance single quadrupole mass spectrometer system
  • Roughing Pump
  • Windows 7 Computer loaded w/ Mass Lynx 4.1
  • Optional Acquity UPLC
  • Monitor – Mouse – Keyboard
  • Cables and Manuals


Performance Specifications:

  • Acquisition modes
    • Full scan MS
    • Selected Ion Recording (SIR)
  • Radar: An information rich acquisition approach that allows you to collect highly specific quantitative date for targer compounds while providing the ability to visualize all other components
  • Mass range: 2 to 3072 m/z
  • Scan speed: Up to 15,000 Da/s
  • Examples of achievable acquisition rates:
    • 15 scans per second (m/z 100 to 1000)
    • 30 scans per second (m/z 50 to 500)
  • Mass stability: Mass drift is < 0.1 Da over a 24 hour period
  • Linearity of response: The linearity of response relative to sample concentration for a specified compound is four orders of magnitude from the limit of detection
  • Polarity switching time: 20 ms to switch between positive and negative ion modes
  • EPCi mode switching time: 20ms to sqitch between ESI and APCI
  • SIR acquisition rate: Minimum dwell time of 3 ms per SIR channel; Minimim inter-channel delay of 3ms
  • Number of SIR channels: Up to 16,384 SIR channels (512 functions, 32 channels per function) can be monitored in a single acquisition; up to 1024 SIR channels when operating in GLP/secure mode (32 functions, 32 channels per function).
  • Mass resolution: Automatically adjusted (Intellistart) to desired resolution.


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Agilent 1100 Series - G1946D LC/MS System

Agilent 1100 Series - G1946D LC/MS System

Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 10994, 12804

Includes Installation and One year Service Contract



  • G1946D LC/MSD Mass Spectrometer Series SL
  • Roughing Pump
  • Optional Front end HPLC


  • Mass Range: 2-3000m/z
  • Mass Accuracy: +/-.13 u within the calibrated mass range in scan mode
  • Mass Axis Stability: +- 0.13 u over 8 hours
  • Scan Speed:
    • 2500 u/s standard mode
    • 5250 u/s fast scan mode
  • SIM Sensitivity:
    • ESI at 400 ul/min
    • APCI at 1000 ul/min
    • Selected ion monitoring of m/z 609.3
    • Positive ionization
    • Signal To Noise Ratio
    • Quantity: 1 pg reserpine 100:1 RMS (20:1 peak-to-peak)
  • Scan Sensitivity:
    • ESI at 400 ul/min
    • APCI at 1000 ul/min
    • Scan range m/z 100-650
    • Scan speed 2500 u/s
    • Extracted ion at m/z 609.3
    • Positive ionization
    • Signal To Noise Ratio
    • Quantity: 50 pg reserpine 100:1 RMS (20:1 peak-to-peak)
  • Multiple Signal Acquisition: Ability to cycle through four different acquisition modes on a scan-by-scan basis within a single run
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