Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

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Malvern Mastersizer 3000E Particle Counter

Malvern Mastersizer 3000E Particle Counter

Cambridge ID #: 18457

The Mastersizer 3000E is highly regarded as being the premier instrument on the market for design, performance and software user experience. The 3000E is an entry level addition to the mastersizer product family based upon the proven design of the mastersizer 3000 but with more basic performance and software functionality.




  • Particle size range from 0.1 - 1000 µm
  • Manual wet and dry dispersion units only
  • Basic software with updates and bug fixes only
  • Anytime upgrade option to Mastersizer 3000E Extended




  • Particle size distribution: Suspensions, emulsions, dry powders
  • Principle: Laser light scattering
  • Analysis: Mie and Fraunhofer scattering
  • Data acquisition rate: 10kHz
  • Typical measurement time: <10 sec


  • Optics


    • Red light source: Max. 4mW He-Ne, 632.8 nm
    • Blue light source: None
    • Lens arrangement:Reverse Fourier (convergent beam)
    • Effective focal length: 300mm


  • Detector


    • Arrangement: Log-spaced array
    • Angular range: 0.032 - 60 degrees
    • Alignment: Automatic
  • Size range: 0.1 to 1000µm
  • Number of size classes: 100 (user adjustable)
  • Accuracy: 0.6%
  • Repeatability: Better than 0.5% variation
  • Reproducibility: Better than 1% variation


  • System compliance


    • Laser class: Class 1, IEC60825-1:2007 and CRF Chapter 1: Sub-chapter J: Part 1040 (CDRH)
    • Regulatory: Designed to meet RoHS and WEEE requirement CE/FCC/ICE5-003/VCCI compliant. Designed to meet C-Tick
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 690mm x 300mm x 450mm
  • Mass: 30kg
  • Supply voltage: 100/240V, 50/60Hz
  • Product storage temperature: -20°C to +50°C (non-condensing)
  • Operational temperature range: +5°C to +40°C (non-condensing)
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Malvern MPT-2 Titrator

Malvern MPT-2 Titrator

Cambridge ID #: 16504

A cost effective accessory designed to automate the measurement of size and zeta potential as a function of pH, conductivity or any soluble additive.


  • System compatibility : Size and zeta potential titration: Zetasizer Nano ZSP, ZS, ZS90. Size titration: Zetasizer Nano S, S90. Zeta potential titration: Zetasizer Nano Z
  • Solvent compatibility: Aqueous samples
  • Minimum sample volume: 5mL
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