Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of used and refurbished Refrigerators and Freezers. Our Refrigerators range from Basic Lab Refrigerators, Chromatography Solid Door Refrigerators/ Glass Door, Flammable Refrigerators, to Explosion Proof Refrigerators. Some of our popular manufacturers include Revco, Thermo Fisher, VWR and Marvel. Our Freezers from Basic -20 Freezers, Flammable Freezers and Explosion Proof Freezers to -40 Freezers, -80 Freezers Uprights and Chest Freezers. Some of our popular manufacturers include Revco, Thermo Forma, Fisher, VWR and Sanyo. We also feature new and refurbished Scottsman Ice Flakers. Please see our demo page for more information.

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Sanyo MBR-1404GR Blood Bank Refrigerator

Sanyo MBR-1404GR Blood Bank Refrigerator

Cambridge ID #: 16445

Designed to create stable, reliable temperature control with precise top-to-bottom temperature uniformity. Minimizes cold air loss with frequent door openings. Foamed-in-place insulation in the walls and magnetic sealed outer doors with double-pane glass window prevent chamber air leakage and promotes complete door closings.


  • Effective Capacity: 1287 L
  • Interior/Exterior: Painted steel
  • External dimensions: W1440 x D830 x H1950 (mm)
  • Internal dimensions: W1320 x D697 x H1500 (mm)
  • Compressor: Hermetic type, Output; 300 W
  • Defrosting: Cycle defrost, Forced type, Fully automatic
  • Temperature controller: Electronic control system
  • Weight: 290 kg
  • Battery: 6 V, 1100 mAh (Ni-MH)
  • Fluorescent lamp: White light 40 W x 1 (Glow starter; FG-4P)
  • Memory back-up: Nonvolatile static memory
  • Maximum pressure: 1220 kPa
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