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We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Microscopes ranging from Inverted Microscopes, Compound Microscopes, Fluorescence Microscopes, Stereo/Dissecting Microscopes, and Biological Microscopes to Polarizing Microscopes. Some of our popular manufacturers include Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Leica. We also feature microscope cameras, objectives and stands. Additionally, we sell a wide selection of Scanning Electron Microscopes including Hitachi and JEOL. Browse our used microscopes below.

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Axon GenePix 4000B (02215450) MicroArray Scanner

Axon GenePix 4000B (02215450) MicroArray Scanner

Cambridge ID #: 19376


  • Computer w/ GenePix Pro -  MicroArray Acquisition & Analysis Software
  • Flat Panel Monitor
  • All Necessary Cords, Cables
  • Manual



  • Speed. Unlike most commercially available microarray scanners, the GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner acquires data at two wavelengths simultaneously. This means drastically reduced scan times and hence greater workflow efficiency. Apart from superior speed, simultaneous scanning eliminates potential errors associated with aligning two separately scanned images, and provides real-time access to data as they are acquired.
  • Add Reliability to Your Research. The performance calibration standards that come with your GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner allow you to check the performance when you receive your scanner and at any time in the future. GenePix Pro Acquisition and Analysis Software includes one-touch calibration to restore any GenePix scanner to benchmark performance. You can rest assured knowing the signals you generate today are the same as a couple of years ago and in the future.
  • Automate Your Workflow. With automated photomultiplier (PMT) balancing. The fully integrated GenePix Pro Acquisition and Analysis Software, controls the GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner and can automatically evaluate the required PMT gain values, for fast and easy optimization of signal intensity and channel balance. The GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner then acquires data at your selected resolution between 5-100 micron, allowing the adjustment of image resolution and file size for each experiment.
  • Get More Published. For over 10 years and close to 6000 literature references, the GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner has expanded the overall sample compatibility, with user-adjustable focus offset and laser power settings. This allows proper imaging of slides with either a raised surface, as with membrane-coated glass, or a recessed surface, as in embedded arrays.


Performance Specifications

  • Sample type: Standard microscope slide (1" x 3", 25 x 75 mm or 26 x 76 mm)
  • Scan area: Adjustable, 22 x 71.5 mm max.
  • Excitation: 532 nm and 635 nm solid-state lasers
  • Laser power settings: User-selectable 100%, 33% or 10% laser power
  • Emission filters: Two, optimized for Cy3 and Cy5 or spectrally similar dyes
  • Detection: Dual photomultipliers (PMTs), automatic and manual gain adjustment
  • Focus offset: Adjustable between -50 and +200 μm (5 μm increments)
  • Optics: Non-confocal
  • Scanning method: Simultaneous, 2-channel
  • Scan time:5 minutes for both channels, 10 μm resolution, full scan area
  • Pixel resolution: Adjustable from 5-100 μm
  • Digital resolution: 16-bit
  • Dynamic range: Four orders of magnitude at SNR > 3
  • Image type: Single- or multi-image TIFF
  • Barcode reading: Image-based software barcode reader


General Specifications

  • Dimensions (in.):5 (W) x 8.0 (H) x 17.5 (D)
  • Dimensions (cm): 34 (W) x 20 (H) x 44 (D)
  • Weight: 45 lbs. (20 kg)
  • Power supply: 110/220V universal
  • Genomics: Directed at the genome sequence itself, microarrays have been used to identify novel genes, binding sites of transcription factors, changes in DNA copy number, and variations from a baseline sequence, such as in emerging strains of pathogens or complex mutations in disease-causing human genes.
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Illumina iScan MicroArray Scanner

Illumina iScan MicroArray Scanner

Cambridge ID #: 17881


The iScan system utilizes BeadArray microarray technology for a broad range of DNA analysis applications. Each bead on Illumina arrays is covered with hundreds of thousands of copies of specific oligos that act as the capture sequences in one of our array-based assays.


  • Average scan time per sample:  1.25 Minutes
  • Average scan time per BeadChip: 30 minutes
  • Maximum weekly iScan throughput: 6,048
  • Laser Excitation: 532 nm and 658 nm dual-laser excitation
  • Pixel Resolution: 0.53 μm
  • Air Table Dimensions: 61 cm x 6 cm x 69 cm
  • System Dimensions: 52 cm x 45 cm x 66cm


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Agilent SureScan - 2600D MicroArray ScannerImage Coming Soon

Agilent SureScan - 2600D MicroArray Scanner

Cambridge ID #: 14341

The SureScan Microarray Scanner is a laser induced fluorescence scanner designed to read microarrays printed on a standard 1 inch x 3 inch glass slides. It measures the fluorescence intensity of two dyes simultaneously from labeled sample nucleic acid bound to microarrays.



  • 24 slide cassette allows for continuous loading during operation
  • Automatic loading of raw data files into Feature Extraction software
  • Built-in ozone protection
  • Manufactured under ISO 13485 certification



  • Dynamic Range
    • 104 (16-bit data format)
    • 105 (20-bit data format)
    • 106 (with XDR scanning)
  • Dynamic AutoFocus: Continually adjusts scanner's focus, keeping features in focus at all times
  • Resolution: 2, 3, 5, and 10 microns
  • Autoloader: 24-slide cassette allows for hands-off operation
  • Integrated Barcode Reader: Reads code 128 (A,B,C), Code 39, Code 93, and CODABAR
  • Compatible Dyes: Cyanine 3 and Cyanine 5, and Alexa 647, 555, and 660
  • Laser Information:
    • Green solid-state laser, 532 nm;
    • red solid-state laser, 640 nm
  • Power: 20 mW at 532 nm and 640 nm both controlled to 13 mW
  • Scan Window Maximum: 71 mm x 21.6 mm
  • PMT Adjustment Automatic PMT gain calibration before each run
  • Allows adjustment of signal levels from 100% (default) to 1%
  • Detection Limit 01 chromophores per square micron
  • Pixel Placement Error 1 pixel @ 5 micron resolution
  • Uniformity: 5% CV global non-uniformity; average local non-uniformity is typically 1% based on 100 micron features
  • Glass Dimensions Supported: 1 x 3" (25 mm x 75 mm) glass slide
    • Width: 24.95 mm to 26.1 mm
    • Length: 74.8 mm to 76.45 mm
    • Thickness: 0.9 mm to 1.1mm
    • Non-Mirrored slides of low intrinsic fluorescence
  • Scan time: Two-color simultaneous data acquisition in 16 minutes per for 3-micron scans and 24 minutes for 2-micron scans (scan region of 61 mm x 21.6 mm)
  • Data Workstation and Operating System: PC-based with Windows® 7 – 64 bit
  • Approximate Scanner Dimensions: Height: 16.5” (42 cm), Width: 17” (43 cm); Depth: 26” (67 cm)
  • Weight Scanner: 125 lbs (56.8 kg)
  • Power Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 250 VA max.
  • Fuses: Two power supply fuses: T4A, 250 VAC
  • Humidity: Operating: 15% to 85% RH at 30°C
  • Altitude: Operating maximum: 2,300 m (7,500 ft)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15°C to 30°C
  • Laser Product Classification: Class 1
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