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Microfluidics LV1 Homogenizer

Microfluidics LV1 Homogenizer

Cambridge ID #: 18033

The LV1 is an excellent choice for academic and commercial customers who work with high-value samples, especially when product recovery is of paramount concern. This processor is equally adept at handling oil-in-water emulsions and solids-in-liquid suspensions.


  • Shear Rate @ 2069 bar (30,000 psi): 23 x 107 sec-1
  • Minimum Sample Size: 1 ml to 6 ml per stroke
  • Maximum Sample Volume: 6 ml per stroke
  • Stroke Frequency: up to 2 per minute
  • Product Temperature Limit: 73ºC (165ºF)
  • Dimensions: 20” x 25.8” x 23.7” H
  • Weight: 240 lbs
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