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RETSCH GM200 Mill Grinder

RETSCH GM200 Mill Grinder

Cambridge ID #: 22274
  • The knife mill GRINDOMIX GM 200 is the ideal instrument for grinding and homogenizing foods and feeds. With two sharp, robust blades and a powerful 1000 W motor, it allows to process sample volumes up to 0.7 liters quickly and effectively.
  • The GM 200 is not only ideal for homogenizing substances with a high water, oil or fat content but is also perfectly suited for grinding dry, soft and medium-hard products. The quick homogenization process without noteworthy temperature rise ensures preservation of volatile sample components.
  • Thanks to reproducible setting of parameters, programs and sequences, this mill ensures analytical results with minimum standard deviation. These features plus the wide selection of lids and containers, allowing for adaptation of the mill to individual application requirements, make the GRINDOMIX GM 200 a professional device superior to any commercial household mixer.
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    Ohaus HOHTDG *NEW* Homogenizer

    Ohaus HOHTDG *NEW* Homogenizer

    Cambridge ID #: 20239


    The OHAUS HT (High Throughput) Lysing Bead Mill Lab Homogenizer offers efficient solutions for grinding, lysing, pulverizing, mixing and homogenizing sample preparations. High-throughput processing is ideal for multiple sample and tube configurations. Easy-to-load tray securely locks microplates, deep well plates or tubes in place. High-speed linear motion processes samples quickly. Maximize sample preparation no matter how difficult the task.


    DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis (from mammalian tissue, plant, soil, seed, fungi, bacteria, virus and other cells), Cell Lysing, PCR, Gene Expression


    Easy-to-read LED display allows the operator to view speed and time settings


    Five pre-set program buttons and touchpad controls for speed and time




    Polyurethane Elastomer top housing, Cycoloy bottom housing, and Lexan lid

    Design Features

    Microprocessor-controlled unit includes sample clamp and hex key




    • Speed Range: 300 rpm – 1600 rpm
    • Motion: Vertical, 31 mm
    • Capacity: 1 Deep Well, 4 Microplates or any sample to 10.2 x 12.7 x 6.4 cm
    • Timer: 1 second – 10 minutes
    • Programs: 5 Preset Programs
    • Control: Digital
    • Dimensions (HxLxW):20.5 in x 17.5 in x 11.5 in (518 mm x 443 mm x 288 mm)
    • Net Weight: 59 lb (26.8 kg)
    • Power: 120V, 6.3A, 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption: 450 W
    • Safety Certification:TUV
    • Working Environment:40°F – 104°F, 20% – 85%RH, non-condensing (5°C – 40°C, 85%RH, non-condensing)
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     Paul O. Abbe

    Paul O. Abbe

    Cambridge ID #: 22903
  • â–º FINE PARTICLES & NARROW DISTRIBUTION - Tumble milling takes place over a
  • controlled period of time and results in both fine particle size
  • and narrow size distribution.
  • â–º MILL & DISPERSE - When wet milling, solids
  • are both size reduced and dispersed in the liquid
  • medium.
  • â–º LOW TEMPERATURE - Tumble milling avoids
  • temperature spikes by putting more energy into
  • milling and less into unwanted frictional heat.
  • â–º LOW CONTAMINATION - The energy efficient impact
  • of media results in less media-to-media friction and less
  • product contamination.
  • â–º CONTROLLABLE - Variables including rotational
  • speed, media size and milling duration can be independently
  • controlled with predictable effects on milling results.
  • â–º PREDICTABLE SCALE-UP - Scale-up from small to larger
  • mills is predictable. Tumble milling is one of the few unit operations
  • that actually improves with increasing size.
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