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We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Spectrometers / Spectrophotometers ranging from Spectrofluorometer, Fluorescence, Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP, to UV / Vis / NIR Spectrometers and Microplate. Some of our popular manufacturers include Beckman, Perkin Elmer, HP, Hitachi, Varian and Bio-Tek. We have one of the largest inventories of Mass Spectrometers available. We also offer service contracts, installation and training. Browse our inventory of used mass spec products below.

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Milton Roy Spectronic 21D Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Reader

Milton Roy Spectronic 21D Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Reader

Cambridge ID #: 12631

Spectronic 21 Digital Model with UV Capabilities features linear digital readouts in % T, A, and concentration; push-button decimal selection; and an RS-232 interface port. Three-position sensitivity switch and the 100% T/zero A control let you select desired instrument gain setting. Digital display alerts you to out-of-range conditions.


Spectrophotometer includes a universal test tube/cuvette holder (accepts 10- to 26-mm pathlength test tubes or 1- to 10-mm pathlength rectangular cuvettes), twelve 10-mm pathlength test tube cuvettes, spare tungsten lamp, occluder block, operating manual, dust cover, and 3-ft cord with U.S. standard plug.



  • Bandwidth: 10 nm
  • Wavelength range: 200 to 1000 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: >2 nm at 254, 365, and 546 nm
  • Photometric range: Transmittance: 00.0 to 100.0% T
  • Absorbance: 0.000 to 1.990 A
  • Concentration: 000 to 1990 C
  • Detector: Solid-state silicon
  • Output: 0 to 1.0 VDC; RS-232
  • Stray light: 0.05%T at 340 nm
  • Model: SPECTRONIC 21
  • Source lamp: Tungsten/deuterium
  • Display: 3-1/2-digit LED, 7/16" H
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