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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of used and refurbished Production Equipment ranging from fermenters, Bioreactors, Homogenizers, Chromotography Bioprocess Units to Production Scale Centrifuges. Some of our popular manufacturers include New Brunswick, Chemap, and Carr.

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MP Biomedicals FastPrep 24 Homogenizer

MP Biomedicals FastPrep 24 Homogenizer

Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 23967, 12038


Any researcher who requires genomic DNA, total RNA or recombinant protein as a starting material will benefit from the FastPrep System.

    • Northern blot analysis, qPCR and microarrays
    • Optimization of recombinant protein expression
    • Library synthesis and Southern blots
    • RT-PCR and differential display
    • Pathogen screening of soil or water
    • Environmental surveys
    • Verification of food safety


Any researcher who requires genomic DNA, total RNA or recombinant protein as a starting material will benefit from the FastPrep System.

    • Rapid and reproducible homogenization
    • Lyse difficult or uncharacterized samples with ease
    • Eliminate the frustration and inconsistency of traditional grinding methods
    • Self-contained system removes possibility for contamination
    • Save valuable time at sample preparation step
    • Economical and easy to use
    • Exceptional support and personalized experimental advice



    • Lyse any hard sample in 40 seconds or less!
    • Number and size of samples: 24 tubes (2ml)
    • Time: Range 1-60 seconds, programmable with 0.5 m/s increments.
    • Speed: Range 4-6.5 m/s programmable with 0.5 m/s increment.
    • Acceleration: <2 seconds to maximum speed.
    • Deceleration: <2 seconds to stop.
    • Duty cycle: 6.5 m/s for 60 seconds with 60 seconds rest period between runs.
    • Noise level: <70db noise.
    • Construction: Painted aluminum body, with transparent top enclosure. Exchangeable polypropylene sample holder; Sealed Sample Compartment; Self-contained disposable pan for ease of cleaning; All surfaces chemically resistant.
    • Controls: Microcontroller control panel, with LCD screen and membrane-printed keyboard; Microcontroller clock 16 MHz.
    • Power requirements: 110VAC/60Hz or 220 VAC/50 Hz, 500 W
    • Weight: 17.5 kg.
    • Dimensions: Height-270mm; Base(Ellipse)size-425x330mm.
    • Standard environmental temperature operating range: 4-40°C.
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MP Biomedicals FastPrep-24 5G Homogenizer

MP Biomedicals FastPrep-24 5G Homogenizer

Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 24088, 22000

Delivering the most DNA, RNA and Proteins from the most resistant samples in less than 40 seconds


The FastPrep-24 5G Instrument is a high-speed benchtop homogenizer offering the ultimate in speed and performance for the lysis of biological samples. Indeed, simultaneous homogenization of up to 24 samples takes place within 40 seconds. The FastPrep-24 5G Instrument uses a unique, optimized motion to disrupt cells through the multidirectional, simultaneous beating of specialized Lysing Matrix beads on the sample material. Developed for difficult and resistant samples, the FastPrep-24 5G Instrument lyses thoroughly and quickly any tissues and cells and thus allows easy and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins and full-length genomic DNA.


Samples and buffers are added to a 2.0mL Lysing Matrix tube containing specialized Lysing Matrix beads. The ergonomic design of the instrument ensures an easy loading of the sample tubes that remains securely sealed during the processing. The homogenization speed and duration times are manually programmed using a touch screen visual display. After setting your speed and time with the touch of a button, just push “run”, and in less than a minute your samples are completely lysed. The touch screen software based interface also includes a wide range of predefined programs designed for optimal setting of routinely run sample types.


The FastPrep-24 5G is the only available homogenizer with 9 interchangeable adapters which allows a unique versatility in sample number, size and temperature conditions. All optional adapters stand stable on the benchtop and are commonly used as tube racks for sample storage at -20°C or -80°C. Frozen Lysing Matrix tubes loaded in the adapters are ready to be immediately processed in the FastPrep-24 5G with minimal hands-on manipulation. A wide range of specialized Lysing Matrix tubes containing beads of different materials, sizes and shapes have been tailored to guarantee thorough homogenization of any sample. High performance purification kits, when used in conjunction with the FastPrep-24 5G, provide simple, ready-to-use methods for the release and subsequent purification of DNA, RNA and proteins.



  • Intuitive Software, User-Friendly Touch Screen
  • Highest speed and Most Power
  • Shortest Processing
  • Widest range of adapters for sample flexibility
  • Highest yield of DNA, RNA and Proteins
  • Process any tissue or cellular sample type with highest quality results
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