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Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam Macro *NEW* Particle Analyzer

Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCam Macro *NEW* Particle Analyzer

Cambridge ID #: 18765


Based on proven FlowCam DIPA technology, and optimized for larger particles (50μm to 5mm), FlowCam Macro provides rapid particle characterization that goes beyond just particle size. Direct, image-based measurements of particle size and shape enable differentiation of particle types in a heterogeneous mixture.


  • Particle Count: Yes
  • Concentration: Yes
  • Particle Size (ESD): Yes
  • Particle Size Range: 50μm to 5mm
  • Technology: Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis
  • Image Type: 8-bit Grayscale (Monochrome Camera) or 24-bit Color (Color Camera)
  • Image Format: 8-bit (monochrome) TIFF or 24-bit (color) TIFF
  • Fluidics: High capacity industrial peristaltic pump, 2mm (deep) or 5mm (deep) flow cell
  • Flow Rate: Up to 1 liter/minute
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