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Thermo Fisher Scientific UXF60086D -86C ULT Freezer

Thermo Fisher Scientific UXF60086D -86C ULT Freezer

Cambridge ID #: 23452
  • Key Benefits:
  • Maximize sample storage capacity while minimizing the freezerft.s physical space inside the lab
  • Protects against a wide range of voltage variation and is easily accessible through the touch-screen display
  • 4-20 milliamp output compatible with external alarm and monitoring systems
  • Two rear access, 1"³ (25mm) ports allow for the use of inexpedient probes or instrumentation
  • Easy-to-remove, washable filter provides protection against dust on the condense
  • Several optional features including: LN2 and CO2 back-up systems, chart recorder, stainless steel inventory racking solutions and hands-free, proximity-card access system
  • New Features:
  • Store up to 278 lbs. of samples (depending on freezer model) on reinforced, stainless steel shelving
  • 4×7 heated gasket provides four touchpoints of security and seven zones of protection
  • Five polystyrene insulated inner doors help maintain cabinet temperature during openings and feature embedded rare earth magnets, eliminating exposed latches or magnets
  • Refrigeration system with high-efficiency compressors for excellent performance and reliability
  • Cabinet + Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology increases the internal capacity of 2"³ vials up to 4.2%"”gain up to 76% more capacity in the same footprint"  with 1mL CryoBank tubes
  • Temperature Control:
  • Performance: features an outstanding BTU (British thermal unit) reserve. This leads to fast door recovery times so that sample integrity isnft.t compromised" 
  • Choice of Refrigeration: For the strictest tolerances, the high-performance mode provides the tightest temperature uniformity and peak variation" "”for most applications, energy-savings mode offers excellent temperature control, plus up to 15% savings on energy usage
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger for more efficient heat transfer"”induction brazed joints to reduce leak potential and improve reliability
  • Enviornment-friendliness:
  • Energy-Efficiency: allows you to save up to 15% in energy usage with the energy-savings mode"¡ or choose the high-performance mode for applications requiring ultra-tight temperature uniformity"”all through an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface
  • CFC/HCFC free refrigerants
  • Data:
  • On-board data storage: Store up to 15 years worth of temperature and event data on our on-board computer
  • Easily exchange data: Use the new USB port to download freezer temperature and event log data, or freezer settings from one freezer to another
  • Safety and Security: feature an innovative, touch-screen control panel that allows 24/7 monitoring of the freezerft.s health provides access to a detailed event log"”built-in USB port enables easy downloading of event log reports to a portable drive
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    Benchmark Scientific Vornado BV101 *NEW* Vortexer

    Benchmark Scientific Vornado BV101 *NEW* Vortexer

    Cambridge ID #: 18181

    Vornado BV101 features power vortexing for tubes up to 50ml, pressure activated operation, and five color configurations.




    • Speed: 2800 rpm
    • Orbit: 4mm
    • Motor Activation: Insta-Touch™ pressure activation
    • Dimensions: 3.7" x 3.9" x 2.6"
    • Weight: 1 lbs
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    SP Scientific VirTis Genesis 25L-XL Bulk Drying Lyophilizer

    SP Scientific VirTis Genesis 25L-XL Bulk Drying Lyophilizer

    Cambridge ID #: 22604

    Key Features:

    •  Compact, freestanding, mobile design.
    •  Easy scale-up from research to full production.
    •  Available with a Wizard 2.0 or LyoS™ control system.
    •  Optional hydraulic stoppering system available.
    •  Narrow and cleanroom configurations available with
    • 8-inch vapor port.

    Performance Specifications:

    • Lowest Shelf Temperature(50 Hz / 60 Hz):  ≤ -57 °C / -60 °C
    • Shelf Temperature Control Range*: -40 to 65 °C
    • Shelf Pull-Down from 20 °C to -40 °C : ≤ 45 minutes
    • Lowest Condenser Temperature(50 Hz / 60 Hz): ≤ -67 °C / -70 °C
    • Maximum Condenser Capacity: ≥ 25 L
    • Condenser Surface Area: 750 in2 (4838 cm2)
    • Condenser Pull-Down from 20 °C to -45 °C: ≤ 25 minutes
    • Maximum Ice Condensing Capacity in 24 hours: ≥ 20 L
    • Maximum Deposition Rate: ≥ 0.83 L/hour
    • Number of Compressors: 1
    • Compressor Horsepower: 1.5 hp
    • System Refrigerant: R245fa, R508B
    • Vacuum Time to 100 Millitorr: ≤ 20 minutes
    • Vacuum Rate of Rise: ≤ 30 mT/hour
    • Volume-Based Leak Rate: ≤ .0016 mbarꞏL/sec
    • Lowest System Vacuum: ≤ 15 mT
    • Temperature Uniformity: ± 1.0 °C

    Utility Requirements:

    • Compressed Air (for units with isolation valve): 80 psig (6.5bar)
    • Ambient Room Temperature: 15-25 °C (59-77 °F)
    • Approx. Peak Room Heat Generated (Air-Cooled Units): 8,900 BTU/h
    • Approx. Peak Room Heat Generated (Water-Cooled Units): 4,000 BTU/h
    • Cooling Water Usage**: 1-3 gpm (4-12 Lpm)

    Electrical Requirements:

    • Voltage: 208 - 230 VAC
    • Hertz: 60 Hz
    • Phase: 1 Φ
    • Breaker Amperage: 30 A
    • Recommended Outlet: NEMA L6-30R

    Dimensional Data - Cleanroom Configuration:

    • Width: 25 in (64 cm)
    • Depth: 75 in (191 cm)
    • Height: 73.5 in (187 cm)
    • Max. Weight: 850 lb (386 kg)
    • Min. Clearance on All Sides: 10 in (25 cm)
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    Norlake  LR061WWW/OX Undercounter Refrigerator

    Norlake LR061WWW/OX Undercounter Refrigerator

    Cambridge ID #: 19398



    Designed to meet the demanding requirements for scientific and laboratory research. Advanced engineered design incorporates the latest in cabinet, refrigeration, temperature control and monitoring features. Provides energy efficient, convenient, safe and reliable performance for optimal storage temperature environments necessary for a wide range of life science, pharmacy, biological, medical, clinical, and industrial applications.



    • Crated Height (in) (cm): 39-1/2” (98)
    • Crated Width (in) (cm): 30” (75)
    • Crated Depth (in) (cm): 28-1/4” (70)
    • Crated Weight (lbs) (kg): 100 (45)
    • Interior Height (in) (cm): 27-1/2” (68)
    • Interior Width (in) (cm):20-3/4” (51)
    • Interior Depth (in) (cm):18” (45)
    • Overall Height (in) (cm): 33” (82)
    • Overall Width (in) (cm); 23-1/2” (58)
    • Overall Depth (in) (cm): 25” (62)
    • Gross Cubage (ft.3) (l): 5.2 (147)
    • Shelf Area (sq. ft.) (m2): 3.75 (.348)
    • Number of Shelves: 2
    • Refrigerant: R134a
    • Maximum Fuse Size: 15amps
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    Thermo 02LFEETSA  *New* -20 Freezer

    Thermo 02LFEETSA *New* -20 Freezer

    Cambridge ID #: 21937


    Thermo Scientific Value laboratory freezers are particularly suited for routine laboratory applications with sizes ranging from small benchtop to full-height freestanding. Our features are not available in domestic models and meet the demanding requirements of the laboratory environment.

    An economical solution for safe sample storage

    Factory tested prior to shipment

    NRTL listed

    Environmentally-friendly, non CFC refrigerants

    Adjustable temperature control

    Easy-to-clean, durable finish

    Alert: These units are not intended for critical lab samples. Storage of high value, life science materials or clinical biologicals may require alarm, monitoring, back-up and temperature performance features. The need to add these features should be determined by your industrial hygenist or safety officer. These units are not suitable for corrosive environments.



    • Condition: New, Factory-Direct
    • Brand: Thermo Scientific
    • Part No: 02LFEETSA
    • Temp Range: -24°C to -12°C
    • Capacity: 1.8 Cubic Feet
    • Interior: 18.63"H x 13.38"W x 13"D
    • Defrost: Manual
    • Door Type: Single Solid
    • Weight: 43 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 65 lbs
    • Dimensions: 24.5"H x 18.5"W x 17.75"D
    • Accessories: 2 Wire Shelves
    • Electrical: 115 V / 60 Hz


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    VWR 75D Ultrasonic Cleaner

    VWR 75D Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Cambridge ID #: 23476
  • VWR Ultrasonic Cleaner Model 75D 13710. Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath 75DVWR Scientific Ultrasonic Cleaner Model 75D. This ultrasonic bath operates at a frequency of 35 Khz and features a degassing function, timer with a range of 1-99 minutes and is also heated, with a temperature range of 20 to 69 C (68 to 156 F). 120 v, 50/60 Hz, 3AInternal dimensions: 2.8 liters or 9.25 x 5.25 x 4External dimensions: 9.75 x 5.75 x 9.
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    Eppendorf F740hi  -80 Freezer

    Eppendorf F740hi -80 Freezer

    Cambridge ID #: 25988
  • Freezer - ultra-low temperature -80 degs C Eppendorf / New Brunswick Scientific CryoCube F740hi upright style 740 litre with VIP insulation, cascade refrigeration and 5 years parts and labour warranty, suitable for long term sample storage, 5 inner compartments
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    Revco GR431GA14 Chromatography Refrigerator

    Revco GR431GA14 Chromatography Refrigerator

    Cambridge ID #: 22764
  • Fulfill a variety of space and storage requirements using VWR Laboratory Refrigerator with Glass Doors. These refrigerators feature a microprocessor control system, positive airflow systems, industrial-quality cabinet construction and extra-strength refrigeration compressors that are ideal for industrial, clinical and scientific applications.
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    Sorvall GS-3 Rotor

    Sorvall GS-3 Rotor

    Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 26150, 22595
  • The Thermo Scientific Sorvall GS-3 Fixed Angle Rotor is constructed for high speed centrifuges out of a sturdy aluminum alloy. This fixed angle rotor is designed for large volume preparative applications and cell harvesting, has a capacity holds 6 500ml tubes. The Thermo Scientific Sorvall GS-3 Fixed Angle Rotor has a maximum RCF of 13700 and a max RPM 9000 and is autoclavable.
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    VWR 13259-005 Dry Bath Incubator

    VWR 13259-005 Dry Bath Incubator

    Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 16238, 19294

    The VWR Scientific Heat Block CAT No. 13259-005 is a multi-purpose unit which includes a heat block. Its adjustable high and low thermostats provide reproducible and accurate temperature control.


    • Temperature Range: Ambient – 150C
    • Temperature Stability: +/- 2C
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    Boekel 14792 Round Tissue Flotation Bath

    Boekel 14792 Round Tissue Flotation Bath

    Cambridge ID #: 18853


    The Boekel Scientific Round Tissue Flotation Bath has a black ceramic coated basin and a wide rim for drying microscope slides. The unit has analog control with a heating light indicator and an on/off switch.


    • Temperature Range: 35°C to 65°C
    • Capacity: 1 L
    • Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lbs.)
    • Dimensions (D x H): 11” x 3.75” (27.9 cm x 9.2 cm)
    • Electrical: 115 VAC 50/60Hz 190W
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    Jenoptik ProgRes CFcool CCD Microscope Monochrome Camera

    Jenoptik ProgRes CFcool CCD Microscope Monochrome Camera

    Cambridge ID #: 16967

    The ProgRes CFcool microscope camera from Jenoptik was developed for scientific applications. Its extreme sensitivity guarantees crystal-clear color images even in low light.

    The ProgRes CFcool guarantees images with a superior color reproduction and excellent image quality. This is enabled by Jenoptik color interpolation in combination with the extremely large, sensitive pixels and the14-bit color depth of the sensor. The microscope camera generates a fast live image. This makes it easier to focus and position your preparations.

    Active sensor cooling makes the ProgRes® CFcool ideal for low-noise, long-time exposures. It is also ideal for applications using fluorescent substances.

    This CCD research camera can also be combined with PROGRES GRYPHAX® microscope camera software. All operations can be observed immediately in the live image. This enables you to work more efficient at your microscope workstation.

    Key Facts:

    • CCD microscope camera
    • 6.45 x 6.45 μm pixel size (1.4MP)
    • 2/3” sensor
    • 14 bit · Cooling


    • Precise: True-color, low-noise images even in low-light conditions.
    • Excellent image quality: True-color images thanks to Jenoptik color interpolation.
    • Saves time: Easy positioning and focusing thanks to the fast live image.
    • Reliable: Low-noise, long-time exposures guaranteed by optional cooling of the sensor.
    • Flexible: The microscope camera is easy to use with the PROGRES GRYPHAX® software.
    • Cost-effective: Impressive price-performance ratio.

    Fields of Application:

    • Life sciences: Medicine, pathology, hematology, cytology, genetics, biology and chemistry.
    • Quality control: Grain analysis, welded seam testing and controlling manufacturing processes.
    • Material science: Mineralogy and metallography — for use in determining structures, quantitative and qualitative sample analyses and documentation.
    • Forensics: Securing of evidence, document examination and forensic medicine.


    • Personal computer: Intel i7 (Quad-Core) processor or comparable / 8 GB RAM
    • Operating system: WIN 7 / 8 / 10 I MAC El Capitan I LINUX Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • Data interface: FireWire 400 integrated
    • FireWire card: Texas Instruments chip set
    • Monitor resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher


    • Type I square I utilised sensor diagonal: SONY CCD I 2/3” I 10.97 mm
    • Pixel dimensions: 6.45 x 6.45 μm
    • Color or monochrome: Color
    • Transfer method I shutter mode: Progressive scan I Global shutter
    • Full sensor resolution: 1360 x 1020 pixel


    • Camera resolution in LIVE mode: HD 1280 x 720 pixel (15 fps)
    • Camera resolution in RECORD mode: HD 1280 x 720 pixel up to 1360 x 1020 pixel
    • Exposure time min. - max.: 86 µs - 64 s
    • Gain: Max. 32
    • A/D conversion: 14 bit (16384 grey values)
    • Absolute sensitivity threshold: 8 e
    • Saturation capacity: 16000 e
    • Dynamic range: 66 dB
    • Filter: IR cut I optional clear-glass
    • Hardware trigger: IN and OUT
    • Cooling: Peltier and fan I nitrogen flashed sensor capsule
    • Optical interface: C-mount
    • Power consumption: Appr. 8 W
    • Dimensions: 145.5 mm x 92 mm x 123 mm
    • Weight: Appr. 800 g
    • Storage options: -20°C up to +70°C
    • Operating temperature: +10°C up to +35°C non condensing
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    Savant RVT410-120 Refrigerated Vapor Trap

    Savant RVT410-120 Refrigerated Vapor Trap

    Cambridge ID #: 22095
  • Condense and trap a wide variety of solvent vapors that can contaminate and degrade vacuum pump oil with the Thermo Scientific Savant Refrigerated RVT400 Vapor Trap.
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    Thermo 448 Medilite Microcentrifuge

    Thermo 448 Medilite Microcentrifuge

    Cambridge ID #: 17676

    Perform routine low-speed applications such as the separation of blood and urine samples with the Thermo Scientific MediLite Centrifuge.


    • Max Running Time: 30 minutes
    • Speed: 3100 RPM
    • Rotor: 6 place
    • Maximum RCF Value: 1228 x g
    • Maximum Kinetic energy: <285Nm
    • Dimensions: 11.5 x 14.75 x 9.5" H
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    Precision 50 Reciprocal Shaking BathImage Coming Soon

    Precision 50 Reciprocal Shaking Bath

    Cambridge ID #: 14885

    Thermo Scientific Precision shaking water baths support a range of sensitive life science and QA/QC applications – from warming fragile reagents to tissue culturing and genetics sequencing. Easily clean and maintain your bath with new coil-free interior. The Precision shallow form shaking bath has a removable tray that allows for use with smaller sample containers. Precision Dubnoff shaking water baths are designed specifically for applications that require your samples to be incubated in a controlled atmosphere.


    • Chamber capacity:1 gal (26.5 liters)
    • Maximum temperature:9 °C
    • Temperature uniformity at 37 °C: ± 1 °C
    • Oscillations per minute:30 – 200
    • Stroke length:5 to 1.5 in
    • Dimensions (L x W x H):12” x 27” x 7.5” for Chamber
    • Dimensions (L x W x H):14” x 36.5” x 9.5” for exterior
    • Weight: 62 lbs (27.2 Kg)
    • Electrical: 120 VAC
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