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Thermo Section Flotation Bath Section Bath

Thermo Section Flotation Bath Section Bath

Cambridge ID #: 18657


The flotation bath holds water at a constant temperature to flatten wax or resin sections prior to lifting them onto a microscope slide, and can be used for hot staining except with corrosive substances. The top rim of the unit has generous space for drying slides. The controls have been recessed to provide an added measure of safety. There is a drop-on stainless steel lid to provide a cover to the bowl when not in use. It has a deep tapered bowl made from stainless steel to offer maximum resistance against corrosion. Both the bowl and the upper casing have a matte-black PTFE coating providing visual contrast against wax sections. The lower steel casing has a resistant epoxy coating. The power cable has moduled connections at both terminals. The power inlet socket at the back of the unit has fuses on both the negative and positive lines for optimum protection.




  • Temperature range, ℃: 30 to 65 ± 1.5 at 20 ambient
  • Dimensions, external (WxDxH), mm: 275 x 325 x 107


    • Dimensions, mm: 222 x 85 (Bowl diameter x depth)


  • Mass, kg: 3.75


Electrical supply: 220 to 240V 50/60Hz

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