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Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished and used Spectrometers / Spectrophotometers ranging from Spectrofluorometer, Fluorescence, Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP, to UV / Vis / NIR Spectrometers and Microplate. Some of our popular manufacturers include Beckman, Perkin Elmer, HP, Hitachi, Varian and Bio-Tek. We have one of the largest inventories of Mass Spectrometers available. We also offer service contracts, installation and training. Browse our inventory of used mass spec products below.

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Spectronic Genesys 5 Spectrophotometer Visible/Absorbance Reader

Spectronic Genesys 5 Spectrophotometer Visible/Absorbance Reader

Cambridge ID #: 17246

Handle a wide range of routine and complex applications—perform simple absorbance measurements, determine sample concentrations or run a rate analysis. 


  • Optical System: Split-Beam

  • Cell-Holder: 8-position, Microprocessor-Controlled

  • Communication Ports: RS-232-C (Serial) / Centronics-Compatible (Parallel)

  • Wavelength Range: 200 - 1100nm

  • Wavelength Accuracy: ±1nm

  • Wavelength Precision: ±0.5nm (ASTM E 275–83)

  • Photometric Readout: Absorbance, %Transmittance and Concentration

  • Photometric Range: -0.1 to +3.0A; 0 to 125%T; 0.001 to 9999

  • Photometric Accuracy: ±0.003A from 0 to 0.3A, ±1% of Reading from 0.3 to 2A, ±2% of Reading from 2 to 3A

  • Photometric Drift: 0.002A/hour at 340nm

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