Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

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Sturtevant Micronizer Micronizer Jet Mill

Sturtevant Micronizer Micronizer Jet Mill

Cambridge ID #: 19888


  • Narrow particle size distribution improves bioavailability, reactivity and dissolution
  • Spherical uniform particle shape increases pack density
  • No heat created during milling protecting heat sensitive products
  • Variety of interchangeable liners for maximum product purity
  • Easy disassembly of mill parts for cleaning and inspection
  • Engineered for simple clean up and product change over


  • Mill Size/ Diameter: 2"
  • Compressed Air/ Gas SCFM (SCMH): 20 (34)
  • 2bHP: 5
  • Capacity lbs/ hr (kg/hr): 1/2 - 2 (0.2-0.9)
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