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Millipore Cogent M1 Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Millipore Cogent M1 Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Cambridge ID #: 18859


The Cogent M1 system is an easy-to-use bench-top TFF system that is ideally suited for process development, scaling studies, as well as clinical trials and small-scale production. An innovative and intelligent design, the system enables an extremely low hold-up volume for maximum volume concentration and optimal product recovery. Equipped with a 10-liter tank with embedded balance, the Cogent M1 system can also run in fed-batch or diafiltration mode using an optional transfer pump, which enables the system to process up to 100 liters or more based on product and membrane filter characteristics.


  • Filtration Area: 0.1 sq. m to 1.14 sq. m
  • Minimum Working Volume: 300 mL at 20% feed pump speed
  • Starting Volume: Tank volume of 10 liters
  • Hold-up Volume: < 10 mL (excluding cassette)
  • Process Temperature Range: 4°C to 50°C (39°F to 122°F)
  • Maximum Feed Flow Rate: 4.5 L/min at 5 bar g (72.5 psi)
  • Minimum Feed Flow Rate: 200 mL/min
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 5 bar g (72.5 psi)
  • Maximum System Pressure: 6 bar g (86 psi) before pump shut-off
  • Optional Transfer Pump Flow Rate: Tubing dependant (0.16 to 2300 mL/mn)
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