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TomTec Quadra 96 196-320 Microreactor Washer

TomTec Quadra 96 196-320 Microreactor Washer

Cambridge ID #: 22424

The Tomtec Quadra 96 Liquid Handling System is a simultaneous 96-well Pipettor: strongSix station shuttle for protocol automation, Fully programmable for preset protocols, Small footprint,minimum benchspace, Various Hood Enclosures available, Programmable tip heights for all stations, Provides reproducible SPE protocols, Industry leader in SPE sample preparation strong Vacuum Control Panel:/strong 3 way valve for closed/open/vent mode, Precise regulator sets working vacuum, Dependable gauge verifies working vacuum, Set parameters at site of experiment, Standardize each extraction step, Easily adapts to house or pump vacuum source, Adapts to Quadra96 or manual operation


The Quadra96 Model 320 is a versatile automated workstation. It is a true 96 well high throughput pipettor equipped with 96 disposable tips – 450µl max volume. The 450µL capacity tips, and six station shuttle are suited to a variety of applications including replicate plating, PCR preparation, SPE (Solid Phase Extraction), liquid/liquid extraction, etc. The Quadra 320 is the industries predominate choice for Solid Phase Extraction applications


Six Station Automated Shuttle Automates complete assay protocols Pipette multiple reagents in one pass Custom reservoirs for standards & controls Air Displacement or Positive Displacement Volumes from 1µL to 450µL Cv of 2 - 3% Disposable Tip Assembly Stand alone, using the front panel Windows programming, using Quadra Command softwareIt comes complete with PC loaded with Quara 96 Command software plus original operator's manual and software manual


It measures approximately 64 cm W x 57 D x 74 H. 230 V.

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