Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of refurbished Bulk Drying Lyophilizers and Stoppering Lyophilyzers ranging from Benchtop Lyophilizers, Floor Model Lyophilizers and Cascade Lyophilizers to General Purpose Lyophilizers. Some of our popular manufacturers include VirTis, SP Scientific, FTS Systems, and Labconco. Our Freeze Dryers are fully refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty.

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Virtis Freezemobile 25ES Console Lyophilizer

Virtis Freezemobile 25ES Console Lyophilizer

Cambridge ID #: 17578


  • Mobile, free standing design
  • Refrigeration systems with temperatures of -53C
  • Smooth wall condenser for quick defrost turnaround time
  • Convenient front facing vacuum pump oil quick-change module
  • Pressure control to provide heat transfer for sublimation as required
  • Wide variety of manifolds and accessories available
  • Optional filter traps to protect the vacuum pump


  • Maximum Low Condenser Temperature: -53°C

  • Maximum Low Temperature for Optional Shell Bath: -70°C

  • Condenser Capacity in 24 hours: 14 L

  • Condenser Capacity Total: 25 L

  • Condenser Surface Area:  506 in2 /3264 cm2 

  • Vacuum Pull Down Time to 100 mT  (0.133 mB)  (minutes): ≤20 minutes

  • Lowest Vacuum  mT / mB (Refrigerated, Dry and Empty): 15 mT / .0198 mB

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