10xGenomics Chromium X/iX Cell Analyzer

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The Chromium X Series lets you access single cell analysis at any stage. From Chromium iX, offering cost-effective, lower throughput single cell analysis, upgradable to the high-throughput full-range Chromium X, we make single cell analysis a perfect fit.


  • Weight: 41.4 lb (18.8 kg)*
  • Instrument Dimensions with:  W D H
  • Tray close:  12.2”[31.0 cm] × 18.6”[47.2 cm] × 10.2”[26.0 cm]
  • Tray open:  12.2”[31.0 cm] × 22.8”[58.0 cm] × 10.2”[26.0 cm]
  • Electrical Requirements:
  • Nominal:  100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 250 W**
  • From a standard 3-prong wall receptacle:  90-264 V operational range (+/- 10% of nominal)
  • That includes a safety ground pin: Overvoltage Category II (standard receptacle)
  • Pollution:  Degree 2 (Indoor Use Only)
  • Ventilation Requirement: Minimum 4” [10 cm],  Around all sides
  • Humidity:  30-80% R.H. non-condensing
  • Altitude:  Altitude up to 7500 ft [2286 m] above sea level
  • Operating Temperature:
      • 64-82°F [18-28°C]
      •  Use in a typical indoor laboratory environment
      •  Extreme temperature conditions will affect the
      •  Sensitive reagents used with the instrument

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