Amersham Biosciences GE AKTA explorer FPLC System

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AKTA Explorer is designed for scouting, development and optimization of methods for all chromatographic techniques.  Flexibility and high levels of automation in combination with reproducibility and reliable operation make it an excellent choice for laboratories involved in method and process development.


  • Box 900: Storage compartment and Solvent Tray
  • UV-900
  • pH/C-900: pH and Conductivity Detector
  • M-925 Mixer: All eluents can be mixed with a high degree of accuracy an reproducibility.
  • P-900 Series Gradient Pump
  • Frac 950 Fraction Collector
  • CU-950: Communications Module
  • Computer loaded w/ Unicorn Version. 5.31 Software, Monitor Keyboard & Mouse

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