Andor Technology iXon3 860 BV EMCCD *NEW* Microscope Camera

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Andor’s iXon3 860 back-illuminated EMCCD is designed for very rapid imaging of low light events. The iXon3 860 benefits from an advanced set of user–requested features, including OptAcquire, Count Convert, Spurious Noise Filters & Signal Averaging. RealGain provides quantitative EM gain calibration. Sub-millisecond biology is readily accessible through use of sub-array selection, pixel binning and Cropped Sensor Mode pushes frame rates to new extremes. The speed and sensitivity of the iXon3 860 also renders it ideal for adaptive optics.


  • Active Pixels: 128 x 128
  • Pixel Size: 24 x 24 um
  • Active Area Pixel Well Depth: 160,000 e-
  • Gain Register Pixel Well Depth: 800,000 e-
  • Maximum Readout Rate: 10 MHz
  • Frame Rate: 513 – 14,025 fps
  • Read Noise: < 1e- with EM gain
  • Maximum Cooling: -100°C

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