Axon GenePix SL50 Slide Loader Slide Loader

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  • High-precision robotic operation ensures careful transfer and safe positioning of your precious microarray slides. The entire system fits easily on a standard laboratory bench top and provides simple robotic or manual scanning of slides. The removable slide cassettes, each holding up to 25 slides, facilitate a convenient, versatile workflow. Simply fill your cassettes with slides, load the cassettes, configure your scan parameters, press start, and walk away. This system won’t limit your science.
  • The GenePix SL50 Automated Slide Loader, the GenePix 4300 or 4400 Microarray Scanners, and GenePix Pro Acquisition and Analysis Software have been designed to work together as a fully integrated platform. The seamless communication among scanner, slide loader, and software ensures unmatched efficiency for data acquisition and analysis, as well as for real-time performance monitoring.

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