Baker SG403 Fume Hood

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Product Description: The Baker Company SterilGARD III Advance is a Class II Type A/B3 biological safety cabinet designed with vertical laminar airflow and front access opening. Integrated with HEPA filters, the cabinet keeps the environment, the user and the product safe from airborne contaminants. 

  • Vertical laminar flow
  • Supply and exhaust HEPA filters
  • Baker momentum air curtain
  • All GMI Re-Certified BSCs will pass Certification -guaranteed
  • UniPressure Preflow plenum
  • SG403 4 foot model
  • Ask us about our New Biological Safety Cabinets


    • Weight: 525 lbs
    • Weight with Optional Stand: 625 lbs
    • Electrical Specifications: 115V AC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
    • Blower Motor (1,625 RPM): 6.6 amps
    • Chamber Material: Stainless Steel
    • Fluorescent Light (ballast): 0.8 amps
    • Duplex Outlets (G.F.I.) : 5.0 amps
    • Total Running Load: 12.4 amps
    • Environmental Conditions:
      • Indoor use
      • Altitudes up to 2000 meters
      • Temperature range from 5° C to 40° C
      • Relative humidity up to 80%
      • Main supply voltage fluctuations not
      • to exceed ±10% of the nominal voltage

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