Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer

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  • Configuration: B4-R2-V0 (i.e. 6 detectors, 2 lasers: 4 colors enabled off the blue laser, 2 off the red, the violet laser is not enabled.
  • A USB drive can be purchased from manufacturer to enable additional fluorescent channels, including off of the violet laser, instead of buying an entire new instrument).
  • Ref#: At the time of purchase, the ref# for this product was B53013. BC has changed their ref #s and these specs now correspond to ref # C09748.
  • Date of manufacture: 6/2018.
  • Purchased new from manufacturer on 8/2018.
  • Condition: Like new. I.e., the instrument has never had true samples in it. It was only run once, as a demonstration — the Beckman Coulter team used their test samples to show the instrument’s functionality. (Explanation: purchased by administrators and not aligned with needs of research staff, who did not use it).
  • All original drives, accessories included.
  • This includes license USB (required to authorize daily use), software USB (required to set up instrument for use), documentation, Packing slip, setup guide)
  • Cords, sheath fluid containers, etc. Original reagents have since expired.

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