Bio-Dot RR120 Web Handling System

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The RR120 is a moderate to high volume production system designed to continuously print lines, coat/impregnate, inspect and dry rolls of materials. Each process is designed as an optional, separate module allowing users the flexibility to adapt the system to a specific application, multiple applications and throughput requirements. Customization is also available.


  • Payout Module
  • Capstan Module
  • Dispensing Module with Auto-Tracking
  • Take-up Module
  • Handheld Terminal Control
  • Chassis
  • Qty 2x – Tandem AirJet
  • Qty 2x – Tandem BioJet / Frontline Head Combo with In Line Degasser
  • Qty 2x — DTW1000 – Dry Tower Module with IR sensing
  • Power: 115VAC 1 phase
  • Custom Vision Pro Package with Blacklight/UV light ring and custom inspection program
  • Ultra-Lo Tension – Max (3) Dry Towers – material width -max 50mm – Two Dry Towers


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