Bio-Rad PowerPac HV Electrophoresis Power Supply

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HV Power Supply supports an output of 5,000 V, 500 mA, and 400 W, which allows its use for all high-voltage applications, including low-current applications in the microampere range. It is ideal for IEF and DNA sequencing. With 400 W output, the PowerPac HV offers enough power to run the most demanding IEF experiments or up to four DNA sequencing cells simultaneously.


  • User intuitive programming permits multistep (up to 9 steps) methods and timed runs with a choice of constant voltage, current, or power output.
  • LCD screen displays all run parameters at once
  • User optional run completion after an AC power failure
  • Constant voltage, constant current, or constant power operation with automatic Crossover
  • Stackable case with adjustable viewing angle via flip down legs

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