Biotek Biostack Automated Microplate Stacker

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  • Restacking feature allows plates to be returned to the input stack in their original order
  • Can be operated without an external computer when used with the ELx405 Microplate Washer, MicroFill Microplate Dispenser, NanoQuot Microplate Dispenser, or MicroFlo Select Microplate Dispenser
  • 30 or 50 standard height microplates (96- or 384-well) per interchangeable stack Optional rotational wrist allows users to integrate both landscape and portrait orientation microplate carriers with the instrument remaining in its optimal, ergonomic-friendly position
  • Variable microplate input Small footprint conserves precious benchtop space; fits easily in most standard laboratory hoods



  • Universal design compatible with most supported BioTek instrumentation Designed for heavy use with aluminum precision-ground base Linear mechanisms built around proven BioTek technology Quiet operation with cams activated by stepper motors No moving parts to wear within motors Gripper incorporates rack and pinion drive for synchronistic movement Reliable transport with microplate gripped from below Onboard self-diagnostics ensure trouble-free operation


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