BMT Incucell V 111 ECO *NEW* Incubator

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Suitable for safe processing of microbiological cultures. The INCUCELL V line (with a fan) ensures quicker and more precise temperature distribution with small deviations. These units are to be used especially in biological and microbiological laboratories, quality tests in the pharmacy, cosmetics and testing in the veterinary medicine and food processing industry.



  • Tray: 2 pcs
  • Storage area (w x d): 520 x 335 mm
  • Racks: 7 max.
  • Distance between guide rails: 70 mm
  • Working temperature (beginning of the regulation) from: 10 °C above ambient temp. to: 100 °C
  • Temperature accuracy according to DIN 12 880 T2 at working temperature with closed air flap and door:

                 Time variation cca (±): <=0,2 °C

                 Space deviation cca (±): <=0,3 °C

  • Time required to reach 37 °C with closed air flap and voltage 230 V: 51 min

  • Heat emission at 37 °C: 95 W


    Air exchange speed at 37 °C: 49 per hour


    Electricity – mains: 50/60 Hz


    Max. power: 0,7 kW


    Nominal voltage: 230 V


    Current: 3 A

  •  Patented system of air flow in the chamber ensures quicker and more accurate distribution of the preset temperature in the chamber, which enables ideal heating of the samples
  • High operation comfort, precise temperature regulation and short times of temperature recovery in the chamber after the door opening; the standard equipment includes inner glass door
  • Model with a fan ensures quicker and more accurate distribution of temperature with small deviations; suitable for demanding and accurate tests and samples cultivation
  • Standard model with a Fuzzy logic microprocessor control system; control elements situated on a foil keyboard, process information indicated on a LED display
  • Output for a printer or PC connection
  • Validation possibility (IQ , OQ)

















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