BMT Venticell 404 ECO *NEW* Mechanical Forced Air Oven

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The Venticell line is built with a patented system of forced air circulation which ensures a homogeneous profile for all heating and drying processes. Ideal for materials with high humidity.



  • Dimensions: depth 790 mm x diameter of the air branch outer/inner 52/49mm x 760 mm
  • Tray storage area: 520 x 485 mm
  • Racks: 19 max
  • Maximum weight per tray: 30 kg
  • Maximum weight inside the oven: 100 kg
  • Working temperature (beginning of the regulation): from 10 °C above ambient temp. to 250 °C
  • Temperature accuracy according to DIN 12 880 T2, at working temperature with closed air flap and door, > 50 °C: time variation cca (±) 0,4 °C, space deviation (±) % cca (±)% of the reached temperature 1,5 %
  • Time required to reach 250 °C with closed air flap and voltage 230 V: 58 min
  • Heat emission at 250 °C: 1940 W
  • Air exchange speed at 150 °C: 18 cca/hour
  • Electricity – mains 50/60 Hz: max. power input 3,7 kW
  • Nominal voltage: 400/3N V
  • Current: 5,6 A
  • Chamber volume: 404-liter
  • Working temperature: from +10°C over ambient temperature up to 250/300 °C
  • Patented system of forced air flow in the chamber ensures a homogenous temperature profile for all processes of drying, heating and sterilizing materials in laboratories
  • High operation comfort, precise temperature regulation and short times of temperature recovery in the chamber after the door opening
  • Greater speed and accuracy of all tempering procedures ensures cost-saving operation; suitable especially for materials of high humidity, for demanding and accurate tests and processes
  • Standard model with a Fuzzy logic microprocessor control system; control elements situated on a foil keyboard, process information indicated on a LED display
  • Output for a printer or PC connection
  • Validation possibility (IQ , OQ)















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