Countstar Castor X2 Cell Analyzer

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Countstar Castor X2 is an intelligent high-throughput fluorescence cell analyzer that enables high-content analysis of thousands of cells simultaneously. Through the integration of advanced optical technologies and Artificial Intelligence (Al) based image recognition algorithms, Castor X2 addresses multiple common challenges in high-throughput cell imaging and image analysis to provide accurate results for a broad range of applications. Sophisticated software with an intuitive user interface provides a comprehensive suite of data analysis tools to simplify data review of large data set. The Countstar Castor X2 is the ideal high-throughput cell analysis platform to accelerate the discovery and development of various therapeutic modalities, vaccines, and cultured meat. 

Core Advantages:

  • Laser-assisted focusing ensures bright and sharp image of every sample for confident identification of every cell.
  • Z-stack scanning ensures accurate single cell detection and eliminates ghost wells in cell line development. 
  • Al-based image analysis algorithms enable accurate identification of target cells in complex matrix, such as single B cell clone identification for mAb discovery. 
  • Three fluorescence channels support expanded application scope. 
  • Broad compatibility with all common 6-364 well plates provide optimum flexibility. 
  • Compliance-ready software ensures data traceability and data integrity to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. 


  • Optical Magnifications: 
      • 4x objective lens (NA=0.2)
      • 10x objective lens (NA=0.3)
  • Camera: 16-bit, 10MP cooled color CMOS
  • Fluorescence Channels
      • EX: 480/30 nm EM: 535/40 nm
      • EX: 545/15 nm EM: 590/25 nm
      • EX: 395/15 nm EM: 460/20 nm
  • Range of Z-axis scanning: 0-2 mm
  • Autofocus Method: Laser-ranging autofocus
  • Compatible consumables: 6-384 well plates, microscope slides, 35/60/100 mm petri-dishes, T25/75 flasks


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