Countstar Mira FL Fluorescence Cell Analyzer

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Countstar Mira FL – Fluorescence Cell Analyzer

Countstar Mira Fluorescence Cell Analyzer integrates an intelligent algorithm and adopts patented fixed focus and optical zoom technology to realize the identification of cell characteristics. With trypan blue and AOPI staining methods, it helps to achieve accurate counting of all types of cells and support GFP/RFP transfection experiments. The instrument is easy to operate, efficient in analysis and testing, saves valuable scientific research time, helps scientific research laboratory personnel to achieve fast and efficient cell analysis results. 

Core Advantages:

  • Compact Dimensions of the Countstar Mira FL to save valuable lab space
  • Advance, Al-based Image Analysis Algorithms 
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Impressive Internal Data Storage Capacity
  • Innovative 3x Optical Zoom Technology allows a unique look of cells and particles in the range from 1µm to 180µm
  • Multiple Applications: AO/PI cell density and viability analysis, GFP/RFP transfection efficiency studies, classical Trypan Blue based cell counts
  • Economical DIsposable Consumables are saving your time and costs

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