Distek Evolution 6100 Dissolution Apparatus

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Distek is once again setting the standard by which all dissolution systems will bemeasured. The new Evolution Series is taking dissolution testing to the next levelby advancing the state of the art design of its predecessor, the highly successfulPremiere Model 5100.


The Evolution Series is designed to meet today’s demanding standards for accuratetemperature control and test result reporting. The enhanced user interface offersa rich array of features and functionality, greatly improving the dissolutionchemist’s productivity and control over the dissolution test. The Evolution hasmenu driven navigation for ease of setup, manager and user log-in levels, 100sorted methods and up to 40 test report storage.



  • Dissolution Vessels: Six Standard/Up to Seven Vessels
  • Volume: 500mL – 1000mL programmable
  • Vessel Heating Rate: Approx. 1.5°C per minute
  • RPM Control Range: 25-300 RPM, digitally controlled, closed loop
  • Resolution: 0.1 RPM
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 RPM
  • Display: LED’s, .75″ (19mm) high
  • Motor: High Torque, Permanent Magnet
  • Vessel Temperature Control: Independently controlled two-zone heater jackets
  • Display Resolution: 0.01 °C
  • Accuracy: ±0.25 °C*
  • Calibration: Built-in Calibration Probe
  • Shaft Wobble: Less than 0.010″ (0.254mm) Total Indicator Runout
  • Program Modes: 
      • Manual (Individual Vessel Control)
      • Automatic (Up to 100 Pre-Programmed Methods)
      • External (produKEY Memory Device)
  • Interface Ports: RS-232 (2), RS-485 (1), Parallel Printer (1)
  • Construction Materials: Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Acid resistant solid state heating elements, Engineered Plastics
  • Dimensions: 26″(W) x 39″(H) x 20″(D)

(66cm x 99cm x 51cm)

  • Weight: 150 lb. (67.5 kg)
  • Electrical Power: 
    • 115V ± 15V 50/60Hz 15A or
    • 230V ± 15V 50/60Hz 9A

(Operating voltage pre-set at factory)

* Test Setting: Paddles, 900 mls, 50 RPM

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