Eppendorf MasterCycler Pro 384 PCR / Thermal Cycler

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Fast speeds, high precision, easy usage and absolute reliability united in a flexible concept – that is the Mastercycler pro. Today′s requirements for PCR in your lab are defined by today′s research project. Tomorrow, new questions are arising and new experiments have to give the answers. That is why only an open and flexible system fit into today′s lab. Eppendorf′s Mastercycler pro offers ultimate flexibility:

  • choose from three block formats
  • operate the Mastercycler pro in three different configurations
  • use any plate, tube or strip you want


Unsurpassed speed can be achieved with Eppendorf′s Impulse PCR, a device driven hot-start function that increases heating rates to 8 °C/s.

Certified Quality

  • All Eppendorf cyclers follow these quality guidelines:
  • Individual, documented quality control certificates
  • Calibration accordingly to national and international standards: NIST (USA), DKD/PTB (Germany), UKAS/NPL (UK)
  • UL/cUL listed


The unique lid design of the Mastercycler pro reduces evaporation to a minimum

Evaporation in a PCR reaction vessel not only limits the ability to work with low reaction volumes, but also makes it very difficult to obtain reproducible results. Evaporation leads to increasing concentrations of the PCR master mix components, especially primers. This, in turn, leads to non-specific binding. Due to the ongoing evaporation, this increased concentration is even changing during the experiment and between experiments – a true nightmare for any scientist who tries to keep variables to a minimum. While common PCR instruments press a metal plate onto the PCR consumables, the vapo.protect lid covers the PCR consumables with a cushion that fits to the shape of the consumables – no matter which consumables you use. The snug fit of the cushion, the high pressure of the lid and the excellent heating capabilities of the lid reduce evaporation to a minimum.



Standard PCR, Fast PCR, PCR optimization

Legal Information

Eppendorf is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG

Mastercycler is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG



  • Material: aluminum block
  • Features
      • CSA and CE compliant
      • Pro 384
      • holds 1 PCR plate 384
      • satellite unit
  • Manufacturer/Tradename: Eppendorf 950030030 (US)
  • Parameter:
      • 1-24 °C (gradient range)
      • 30-99 °C (gradient temperature range)
      • 37-110 °C (lid temperature range)
  • Technique(s): PCR: suitable
  • W × D × H: 21.6 cm × 41.5 cm × 37 cm
  • Weight: 18.5 kg

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