Fisher Scientific 637D Incubator

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  • Volume: 3.8 cu ft
  • Chamber Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 20 in
  • Case Material: Enamel coated Steel
  • Controller Type: Microprocessor
  • Temperature Range (Metric): 30 to 75°C
  • Material (Internal): Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±0.7 at 37°C
  • Display: LED
  • Insulation: 3 in. Thick Fiberglass
  • Material: Steel
  • Resolution: 0.1°C



Incubators with gravity flow circulation provide accurate, efficient heating for routine laboratory procedures: drying and staining of slides, paraffin embedding, tissue culture work, incubation of antibody tests, microbiological determinations, crystallization studies and more. Electrical receptacle inside (5A at 120V) to plug in a stirrer, shaker or other apparatus.

Easy to operate

  • Microprocessor control
  • Controls are conveniently located at the top of the incubator chamber
  • Keypad with arrow keys to increase or decrease set point temperature in 0.1°C increments
  • Overtemperature value is automatically set at 3°C above setpoint
  • PID controller comes with fixed parameters so no tuning is required
  • Circuit breaker protects incubator from power surges; battery backup
  • Designed to stack two units

Big three-character LED display

  • Digits display actual temperature to nearest 0.1°C
  • Display shows current value for set point temperature
  • HEAT indicator light cycles on and off to show when incubator heaters are on
  • ALARM indicator lights up if temperature exceeds overtemperature limit; backup controller maintains temperature at 3°C above setpoint; safety backup built into software

Small, medium and large workload capacities

  • Available in three chamber capacities
  • Mounting holes at 2 in. (5cm) intervals on the chamber walls for shelf placement
  • Small incubator holds a maximum of five shelves, medium incubator holds eight, and large incubator holds eleven

Low-maintenance incubators with inner and outer doors

  • Cabinet has durable, enamel-coated steel exterior
  • Extruded aluminum trim has acrylic powder coating
  • Chamber is easy-to-clean stainless steel
  • Low-watt-density heater elements are designed for long life
  • Silicone gasket on outer door and 3 in. thick (7.6cm) fiberglass insulation throughout prevent heat loss
  • Outer door opens to 180° for unhindered access and features two grabber-type latches
  • Inner door is tempered glass
  • Steel shelves are 17.37 in. wide and 16.75 in. front-to-back (44 x 42.5cm)
  • Black synthetic rubber feet keep incubator from slipping and maintain a space between incubator and benchtop for ventilation

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