Fisher Scientific FB50 Sonicator

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The Fisher Scientific Model 50 Sonic Dismembrator is compact, portable and extremely simple to operate. Weighing less than 4 lb.This model is the smallest unit on the market and is highly effective for cell disruption, sample preparation and many other small volume applications.

  • Processes 0.2 to 50mL
  • 50 watts
  • Continuous or Remote operation(footswitch optional)
  • Available accessories include: 3 Probe sizes for individual samples
  • Lightweight converter for handheld operation
  • Basic small volume applications


  • Wattage: 50 W 
  • Height(Metric): 12.7 cm
  • Length(Metric): 17.78 cm 
  • Width(Metric): 20.32 cm 
  • Height: 5 in.
  • Length: 7 in.
  • Width: 8 in.
  • For Use With(Application): Ideal for basic cell disruption

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