Heidolph Hei-VAP Ultimate Control HL/G1 Non Coa Rotary Evaporatorted Rotovap

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Hei-VAP Ultimate Control – hand lift model with G1 diagonal glassware

Precise setting of rotation speed and heating bath temperature on the digital touch display or – for quick access during an active process – directly via the knobs on the operating panel.

• Central operating panel with 7“ touch display
• Clear display of all values (Basic and Advanced modes)
• With timer, limitation of max. temperature, multilingual menu and text display for error messages
• Separate knobs for rotation and heating with locking function to prevent accidental readjusting
• LED ring lights and pictogram to display the activity even from a distance
• Integrated solvent library to facilitate adjustment of the required vacuum on an external vacuum controller
• USB and Micro SD interfaces
• Optional display of vapor temperature
• Subsequent upgrade to Hei-VAP Expert Control possible, including vacuum and chiller control

Adds numerous smart features to the Hei-VAP Ultimate, as well as an overview of all parameters and the current process

• 7″ touch display for controlling the entire system including the vacuum and the cooling temperature
• For precise monitoring, the pictogram on the display also symbolizes active functions
• Separate knobs for quick access: the right one for direct vacuum control, the left one for the rotation
• Setting of values either via the touch display or the separate quick access knobs
• Direct access to two favorites on the start screen
• Expandable solvent library. You can also transfer your own favorites to other devices using a USB stick
• Define and save own evaporation processes (ramps)
• Automatically evaporate with the Dynamic AUTOaccurate Program (DAA). Convenient and customizable: from foam avoidance to highly efficient evaporation
• USB and Micro SD plus LAN / RS 232 interfaces (Lab 4.0 ready)

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