Heidolph Test Tube Shaker- Vibrating Reax Control, 115v Vortexer

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Reax Control Vibrating Test Tube Shaker

The precise one with speed scaling

All the outstanding features of the Reax Top’s “”little brother”” can be found in this model: a rotational speed of up to 2,500 rpm and a 5 mm shaking orbit.

The electronic speed control and the scaling of the speed display allow precise settings. Applications that require a determined speed are thus shaken more gently. Shear force-sensitive organisms remain particularly protected by the constant speed in the low range.

• The strong 5-mm vibration orbit yields the best results even with high viscosity media or solids out of solution and quickly gives a smooth and even dispersion
• Continuous mode: the unit performs a permanent vibration motion
• Automatic mode: the unit will start once a vessel is pressed to the plate and will stop automatically once this pressure is released
• Fast and dependable mixing results due to high vibration frequency rates – up to 2,500 rpm
• Plate for 20-mm diameter test tubes is included as a standard
• Test tube tray for flasks up to 50-mm diameter is available as an optional, additional accessory
• Analog dial speed control with accurate rpm numbers setting
• Improve results with the electronic speed control that provides constant rpm output even at very low speed and under changing loads

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