ilShinBioBase CSP-LP-03 *New* Freeze Dryer

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  • Freeze Drying Process:
    Loading → Primary Freezing → 1st Drying Process → 2nd Drying
    Sublimation process
  • Manual Control:
    Make input of condition and parameter for the process from Freeze
    to 1st/2nd Drying Process. Process is finished after checking the completion
    of drying.
  • Automatic Control:
    Select recipe. Parameters of Pre-Freeze ~1st/2nd Drying process are
    automatically set up. Process is completed by the P-rise test system
    inside of the chamber after the whole process is finished.

Drying Chamber

1. Cooling speed: -40℃ to 40℃
2. Shelf temperature uniformity: less than ±1.5℃
3. Vessel pressure standard: Qualified chamber under vacuum gauge
pressure lower than 5 x10-3 Torr

Cold Trap Chamber; Condenser:
1. Cooling speed: within 30 minutes from 20℃ to -70℃
2. Defrosting System
Hot gas solenoid method. Fast defrosting by steam and hot water.
Removing ice in less than 30 minutes.

Vacuum System:
– Pull down time: Within 45 minutes from 760Torr to 100mTorr. Lower than 20mTorr eventually.

• All in one type, available at small space
• Pilot scale condenser capacity: 3 liters/batch
• 0.2㎡ various shelf area and distance (standard: 70mm)
• Selectable shelf application (Bulk or Vial stoppering)

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